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Shakespeare was most likely born on April 26, 1564. We don't know for sure because of undocumented records. But we do know he was baptized at his church on April 26, 1564.

Holy Trinity Church
Shakespeare painting as a baby

Shakespeare's father, John, dabbled in farming, wood trading, tanning, leatherwork, money lending and other occupations. His mother, Mary Arden, who was the daughter of an aristocratic landowner,

Shakespeare was the third of eight children, but three had died during childhood.

Even though there are no records of his educational background, it's likely he attended a local grammar school and learned some Latin grammar and classics.

At 18, Shakespeare married a woman by the name of Anne Hathaway. It is rumored that they had gotten an arranged marriage due to pregnancy. They had 3 children in total.

Their first child, Susanna.
Their second and third children, who happened to be twins. The girl, Judith. The boy, Hamlet.

Susanna and Judith lived long till their old ages, but unfortunately, Hamlet only lived to see the age 11.

According to historical documents, Shakespeare basically went off the grid right after his twins baptism. No one knows what he did during the time, but there are speculation that he might have worked as a schoolteacher, studied law, or even traveled across Europe.

It's also said that Shakespeare fled his hometown after he poached a deer from a local politicians estate.

Shakespeare's first plays, that are thought to be written around 1592, all focused on the three main dramatic genres: tragedy, comedy, and history. He was also thought to be involved with multiple theater companies during all of his early play writings.

One of his first plays.

In 1594 he began and finished writing and acting his play the Lord Chamberlain's Men. He partnered with different types of men and programs to establish the Globe Theater in 1599.

Between the mid-1590's, Shakespeare accomplished 37-plus plays such as "Romeo and Juliet", "Hamlet", and "The Tempest".

Shakespeare is known for his works that weave together effortlessly and reinventing conventions dating back to ancient Greece.

While London's theaters were closed due to a plague outbreak(1593), Shakespeare published his first narrative poem--"Venus and Adonis". It was dedicated to his close friend Henry Wriothesley.

In 1609, he had printed and good amount of poems that all addressed the themes of love, truth, and beauty. Although he published them, they got less love and support because of the "explicit sexual references and dark emotion in characters".

Shakespeare died at the age of 52 of unknown causes on April 23, 1616. He had left the majority of his estate to Susanna, his daughter, while leaving his wife Anne his "second-best bed". He was buried in the Stratford Church of his hometown.



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