An Opportunity to engage the lives of young men for jesus

Have You Ever Wanted to Help...

  • Provide hope to counter the challenges facing today's young people?
  • Press into the lives of young men with the life-giving message of Jesus?
  • Develop boys to become Christ-following men through strong Christian mentorship?
  • Build genuine, Christ-centered community among young men?
Today, many young people are looking for spheres in which genuine relationships can be formed – spaces that encourage personal, spiritual, relational, and missional growth.

Deerfoot Is That Kind of Community

Not So Much a Place – But a Community of Supportive Relationships

The Lord has worked in miraculous ways at Deerfoot Lodge since its founding as a boys wilderness camp in 1930 in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. The aim of its founder, Alfred (Dad) Kunz, was to help "boys bridge the gap from boyhood to manhood successfully." Today, that undertaking is more important than ever.

Deerfoot is a place of community and relationships among boys and counselors, a place where boys find mentors, and where young men can measure their passage to manhood against milestones. Deerfoot's biblical culture is marked by relevance and grace, engendering a supportive environment that helps reach into the lives of boys and men and the challenges they face.

Reaching the Next Generation

Deerfoot Lodge is a Christian boys wilderness camp that challenges campers aged 9 to 17 to learn more about themselves, their relationships with others, their responsibility in society, and their walk with God. College-aged counselors undergo three weeks of intensive preseason training before mentoring campers during four 2-week sessions over the summer.

In many ways, our focus is as much on the college-age counselors, and the challenges of their age group, as on the campers.

At Deerfoot Lodge, we have a deep longing to meet boys where they are and help equip them to become godly men through the challenges of wilderness camping. When a boy goes to camp year after year, and maybe becomes a staff member, we’ve seen our approach create a distinctive kind of man – leaders who are reliable, dependable, and rugged. Deerfoot men are often plugged into their families, their local churches, their neighborhoods, and our world.

Waterfront at Deerfoot Adirondack with a view toward the Dugs, the mountains in the background.

Deerfoot's Roots

Deerfoot calls men to hear and live out the teachings of Scripture. Deerfoot's belief that the Bible is the Word of God guides the content and purposes of our teaching. We believe that a commitment to the message of Good News in Scripture – that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to earth in human flesh to die for sins and bring salvation to everyone who believes – is at the heart of what it means to be a godly man.

At Deerfoot, boys are taught the truths of Scripture in a clear and relevant way. They are encouraged to respond in discussion and commitment, but they are never pressured to make a commitment that they are not ready to make. We understand that each boy must decide for himself matters of faith, understanding, and growth. Our goal is to meet boys where they are in their own faith journeys and to help them understand Scriptural truth and its relevance to their lives.

Deerfoot's mission and vision have been consistent throughout the years...

  • Mission: Building godly men in Christ-centered community through wilderness camping.
  • Vision: To serve as a catalyst toward the personal, spiritual, relational, and missional growth of men.

Beyond Deerfoot

For many Deerfoot men who look back, their years at Deerfoot Lodge mark an impactful, pivotal juncture in their Christian walk... a turning point that has also pointed them toward leadership in their families and churches, government and communities, businesses, and professions.

Ultimately, Deerfoot's aim is not just about men.

Deerfoot’s influence extends far beyond camp families and the Deerfoot community. Deerfoot campers, counselors, and alumni are also fathers, brothers, husbands, and grandfathers of many who have not gone to Deerfoot like the girls and women in our communities.

The Lord led the Deerfoot board to scout the Southeast for an additional camp property. This led us to Trout Lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.

Taking Root in the Southeast

To offer the Deerfoot experience in another part of the country and address capacity issues at the camp's original location in the Adirondack Mountains, the Deerfoot board initiated the search for an additional camp property. The Lord led Deerfoot through an amazing process to purchase a perfectly-suited property in Glenville, NC.

We plan to open this second location named Deerfoot Blue Ridge in summer 2019, first with 90 campers per two-week session before expanding to 150 boys per session in subsequent years.

The blue line traces the highway route from Deerfoot Adirondack (A) to the new Deerfoot Blue Ridge location (B).

Some Statistics & Goals

The Deerfoot-Blue Ridge property is situated at an elevation of 3,500 feet with relatively cool summer high temperatures similar to those of Deerfoot-Adirondack. The location is a three-hour drive from Charlotte and Atlanta, and within 8 hours of many more metropolitan areas including Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Richmond, and Jackson, MS. The spot is ideal, with the private Trout Lake set on 340 undeveloped acres among premier off-site hiking and camping opportunities.

Deerfoot’s aim in establishing a southeastern location is to continue carrying out its mission by replicating the relational, impactful, Christ-centered model through which the Lord has worked so powerfully over the years.

Trout Lake viewed from a nearby vantage point.

Replicating the Deerfoot Model

Replicating the Deerfoot model in North Carolina includes the community's culture and approach carried out in a pristine wilderness setting. Two-week camper sessions are comprised of three age groups (sections) of 50 campers each. The size of the sections, the ratio of counselors to campers, the embrace of challenging activities, and the interaction among boys of different ages, are important ingredients for the building of relationships and community.

Location of the future recreation field at Deerfoot Blue Ridge.

Wide-Ranging Possibilities

The new camp's southern location will offer the opportunity for Deerfoot's mission to reach beyond the summer season into other months of the year, and to men of all ages. Its year-around accessibility, mild climate, and proximity to major metropolitan areas with good flight service make it attractive as a mission-focused activity hub during the off season.

Dedication of Deerfoot Blue Ridge

In September 2016, hundreds from the Deerfoot Lodge community came from all over the country and beyond to gather at Trout Lake to dedicate the new site to the Lord. The following video provides a window on that wonderful weekend of consecration and renewed relationships:

More Links

For more information on Deerfoot's history and mission, information on the the Glenville area of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the latest status of development at Deerfoot Blue Ridge, please click on the following links:

Summer counselors and staff at Deerfoot-Adirondack.

Would You Consider Taking Part?

We are new to the Southeast, and are looking for new "friends" of Deerfoot in the region. We are trusting the Lord for people to respond to His Call to become friends – to become part of this outreach to young men.

Specifically, we are looking for friends who will take part in one or more ways:

  • Pray for current and future ministry decisions, development of programs, and the construction of facilities at Deerfoot Blue Ridge.
  • Volunteer for Deerfoot Blue Ridge in your community or at the new camp location in site preparation or building activities.
  • Give financially, as you feel led, toward the build-out of Deerfoot Blue Ridge, or by helping fill the gap between camper fees and actual program costs.
Trout Lake awaits.

Please Let Us Know

We invite you to become a friend of Deerfoot Lodge if you have a heart for this type of outreach.

  • You may be viewing this presentation through a referral by a Deerfoot ambassador in the Southeast. If so, we would encourage you to follow up with that friend or acquaintance. Your Deerfoot ambassador is committed to building a circle of Deerfoot friends, and keeping them informed of latest happenings and service opportunities at Deerfoot-Blue Ridge.
  • If you have received this presentation through another channel and would like to consider becoming a friend of Deerfoot, we encourage you contact Chief Nick Dotti, the Deerfoot Blue Ridge camp director:

Chief Nick Dotti – phone (855) 447-2267 X703 | chiefnick@deerfoot.org

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