A Tour To The Harn Museum of Art

This weekend, I went to the Harn Museum with my roommate, and I had a lot of feelings.


Fancy Dress Masquerades in Ghana

When I first saw this "person", I thought that "what is this?" "why he dressed so strange?" I couldn't once understand what they mean. However, after I seeing the introduction of it, I began to know that Fancy Dress entertainment masquerades are popular in coastal and central areas of Ghana. As Fancy Dress emerged as a secular masquerade sometime in the nineteenth century inspired by diverse international source. So if I didn't find the information of the masquerades in Ghana, I still don't know why this "person" made up in this way and I will not learn about these knowledge.


Mirror, Mirror ... Portraits of Frida Kahlo

When it comes to the topic that the design of the museum, in my opinion, the design of this museum is very convenient for people in some degree. When we see the words "highlights from the photography collection", we can know that the photographies in this section are the highlights. In this way, visitors may pay more attention to this part. Then, there is a long corridor into the door, and people used a wall of picture to block the line of sight of people, so we couldn't see what displayed inside. However, I think that it is a good way to inspire visitors' interests.


Frida at ABC Hospital Sketching

The woman who in the picture was called Frida, she was ill, but she still drawing. Between 1950 and 1951, Frida spent almost 9 months in the hospital. She was the exemplary patient because of her gaiety, and was beloved by the doctors and nurses. She deserves my admiration is that she was still painting in her hospital room and kept the optimistic state of the mind. According to this picture, I realized that we should be optimistic and persistence. No matter where are we or who am I, optimistic and persistence are my core value.


Libyan residents walk through the remains of buildings that have been riddled by mortars and bullets

I have never imagined that if I live in war zone, what my life will be like. All the time to worry about the shells from the sky, place where I live are likely to collapse at any time, in that environment, I don't know how to survive. After looking at the picture, I started to really realizing that our living environment is much better than those who live in chaos caused by war. When we talk about the good life, in my opinion, treasuring what we have now is one of the most important things.

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