Time - Mind or Matter? BiG Conference 2017

If there are always things on your to do list that you are not able to accomplish; they must not be that important to you. Let them go. The purpose of this presentation is to help change your mentality to better appropriate how your time is spent and by doing so, you will find that time isn't an item to be managed but a gift that you have full control to use as you see fit.

What are the biggest stress triggers in your life?

What makes them stressful? Often, it isn't the situation itself that is stressful, it is how we choose to react that causes us to be stressed.

"In order for things to change, YOU need to change"

-Jim Rohn

Give yourself the freedom to eliminate the stressors in your life by identifying them, explore why they cause stress, and eliminate them through assertive planning.

Time Management isn't about the tools you have, it is about how you mentally prepare yourself for all of the things that life is going to give you. The ability to prioritize, problem solve, and identify what is most important will be the key to changing your mindset from hoping things will get better, to making it happen.

Now.... How do I start?

Give yourself time to think and honestly identify where you feel you are falling short. Focus on eliminating those problem areas first, and a feeling of accomplishment will overcome the feeling of stress you once had.

You need to be able to choose what you need to prioritize and be willing to delegate or let the rest go.

Identify the tasks that you are responsible for and are having a hard time completing within a reasonable amount of time. Ask for help. A friend, colleague or supervisor has already faced this same challenge and likely has a solution. Implement quickly and move on to the next task. The ability to move quickly from task to task and be honest with yourself about how much time you should allow any particular task to take from your day will be key to maximizing your productivity.

It is extremely important to be honest with yourself; it is your time that is being wasted so failure to explore solutions is only to your own detriment. If you feel that something is taking too long to accomplish, it probably is and you must find an answer to make that task take less of your time. Be assertive in both the identification of what it is that sucks your time away and also in finding a better way to tackle it.

How can I apply this principle at home and at work?
  • First, be honest and promise yourself that you will identify the areas in which you feel you need to improve the most. This will also include identifying if you are simply trying to juggle too much and what you need to choose to let go. This is a very important step.
  • Second, seek feedback from either your coworkers, supervisor, friends, or loved ones in your work or home life.
  • Next, be relentless in the pursuit of solutions and use teamwork to have others along with yourself keep you accountable in the areas that you want to improve.
  • Lastly, gauge your own success by setting yourself a reminder in some way to do a self evaluation of your improvement. You have to remember - this is your time so no one other than yourself can truly rate how well you are spending it!
1. Set specific goals every day.
2. Know your priorities

3. Think about the value of your time and keep others from stealing it!

Think about this. BG Multifamily is your employer. If you choose to spend time during your workday on tasks other than the goals you have set for your day that are not work related, you are stealing time away from BG Multifamily. Similarly, you choose how to spend your time outside of work as well. Put thought into how you want that time spent, put together a plan, and do not let anyone other than yourself be in charge of that plan!

Sound intense? It should! Time is something that we cannot get back; Make.It.Count.

Do you set deadlines for yourself? Start. This will dramatically improve the amount of time you spend on tasks everywhere you go. Most of us work best under pressure, so keep the pressure on and the results will follow. Identify a target, set a deadline, and you WILL notice a change! What is your first deadline going to be?
"The bad news is, time flies. The good news is, you're the pilot" -Michael Altschuler

Now, let's look closely at how we can better pilot our time:

Sales: Second stealers

1. Drive time. This is completely out of your control on occasion, but totally within your control the majority of the time. Use the tools that technology has given you - drive time apps, weather apps, traffic apps, and the list goes on. Take the time to plan your day considering what area of town you are working, when traffic will be the lightest, and how many current clients and potential clients you can fit into the time you have allotted for your visits.

2. Email. You need to have the ability to decipher what you absolutely need to answer immediately, and what can wait. Time block your day to allow emailing at the beginning and end of your day. Your sales call hours should not be interrupted answering emails unless they are absolutely necessary.

3. Visits. Yes, it is a core value of a BG'er to have face time with our clients. However, you can create a lasting effect on your clients without spending more than 10 minutes in that office. You have to know how to take control of a visit and not get sucked into a manager's office for any longer than necessary. Staying in front of more clients and having the charisma to create a positive impression in just a few minutes will you serve you better than seeing far fewer clients but knowing personal details about those that you do make the time to see.

Operations: Minute Muggers can be very well hidden; they even appear to be tasks that are necessary in your day! And truth is... many of them are. So, how can you better manage your day to accomplish it all? Time cards, orders waiting to be filled, and the field employee who LOVES to talk on the phone are all very legitimate time stealers throughout your day.
  1. Compartmentalize. This one takes a lot of discipline and you MUST set goals in order to compartmentalize successfully. If every Tuesday you know that you need to collect every timecard that is on your schedule, block time in your day to focus on making the phone calls or emails necessary to do that.
  2. Communicate. If there is a certain task that is taking a lot of your time, speak up and figure out a way amongst your team to reduce that time. Let's go back to timecards as an example. If field employees are not taking responsibility and getting their timecards signed and sent in, the person interviewing may need to spend a little more time explaining the importance of this on the front end. That way, the field employee realizes the importance of it and therefore, you aren't having to chase them down, they should be chasing YOU down to make sure you got it and they will get paid.
  3. Learn how to effectively communicate with our clients and field employees over the phone. If you keep control of every discussion you are having on the phone and all the while maintaining a polite, professional yet friendly attitude, you are doing the right thing. If you find that either clients or field employees are keeping you on the phone too long, ask some of your coworkers or supervisor for some effective ways to keep discussions short without coming across rude. This is truly an art, and I know you can do it!
"Don't mistake movement for achievement. It's easy to get faked out by being busy. The question is: Busy doing what?" -Jim Rohn

Never forget that YOU are in full control of your time. Take it.

Don't give it up to anyone. This mentality is the most critical piece of time management advice that I can share. Pursue solutions to the areas of your life in which you feel that time is out of balance. Do not doubt how smart you are and how capable you are of living your life and doing your work in a way that will bring fulfillment and joy to every second that you have.


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