Diego Maradona Cole Hamlin

Early life

Diego Maradona was born in a small providence in Buenos Aires, Argentina called Villa Fiorita in October 30, 1960. Maradona grew up with 7 brothers and sisters with him being the oldest brother. His family was very poor. The father was a brick layer and his mother was a stay-at-home-wife. His brothers we never as good as Maradona but they did play for Argentinian clubs when they were older. He decided at a young age that he was gonna try to make soccer a living.

Early Career

Maradona started paying competitive soccer at a young age. At 8 he played for his first club, Estrella Roja. He played for Estrella Roja until he was 10 and then he played for Los Cebollitas which he played for until he was 14. When he was at Los Cebollitas he led his team to a 140 game winning streak. Maradona would fill stands at a young age. As a young player he went from a poor boy living in a small town to being on the front headlines in every newspaper in Europe.

Adult life

In November 7, 1984 Maradona got married to Claudia VillafaƱe. Together they had 5 children. Maradona was a also one of the best soccer players of all time. He got signed for record transfers. He played in his first World Cup in 1982 when he was 22 when he played his first World Cup. Maradona was a star. Every club wanted him, club played as much as 7.7 million dollars. That may not seem like a lot now but back then, he was biggest transfer of all time.


Maradona was one of the biggest influence in the world for soccer. He overcame a drub addiction and now is the national team coach of a country witch he was once banned. His soccer career was where he was known. From a young age he filled stadiums and he has a soccer moved named after him. Maradona also won 3 world cups and had 38 goals at Barcelona and 115 goals at Napoli. Maradona was one of the biggest influences in soccer today.

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