Mastery Statement by colby weidauer

5.1 We modify the environment in many ways. This is good or for worse. Sometimes we just ruin the environment by harvesting many different things. From trees to non renewable resources. An example is the aral sea it was ruin by human modification. We are building many different things and it is ruined the environment. We are ruining the trees by deforestation. Human modification can ruin life for humans to like the dust bowl we over farmed and it became a windy desert.

Human Modification

5.2 We also use a lot of resources. We use many non renewable resources. This is bad for the world. We use resources to make things we eat them we use them every day of our lives some of us more than others. Sometimes we abuse resources we do this by taking more than the world can produce. We can reuse many resources from glass to plastic and other recyclable things. We use lots of energy which can deplete coal reserves and it can put a strain on the environment. Some energy is good like solar energy. Which uses less resources.

coal non renewable energy


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