PERFETOPIA a land of perfection

this land of perfection called Perfetopia, a land of no mistakes, no troubles and no pain. In perfetopia, you could have the perfect place to dwell everyday, you dont have to have the hassle of having to take care of the kids because the nannybots will take care of that!

In this land, there are rules. Rules to keep you happy and safe for good reason. If you do not obey the rules, there are consequences. Break more than 2 of these rules, and you will be dropped into the badlands and left to die.



1. dont stay out past 10:00 on school nights

2: keep your vehicles inside your parking compartment

3: don't say anything mean and don't say any cuss words

4: you can't have more than 3 pets

5: always share

6: all cellular devices must be kept in containers at dinner so you can have more time with family

8: no dating till the age of 14


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