HAVEN Women's Safety Travel App by Paige Gregory

Do you want to feel independent and empowered? Hate feeling vulnerable and scared while travelling alone? Are you tired of depending on others, preventing you from accomplishing your goals? HAVEN Women's Travel Safety App is a protective tool, offering a helping hand on your journey, offering our assistance to those in need...

The Problem

There is a serious issue with women feeling too scared to travel alone, as they fear for their safety. This is due to the numerous 'horror stories' featuring attacks and disappearances. This means that women all around the world, feel incapable of solo travel or vulnerable in doing so. This results in women feeling powerless, therefore reducing the reality of following their dreams and travelling the world. It also means that they are more dependent on others, eliminating the feeling of independence.

Case Study

2018- According to the Daily Star, 25 year old female backpacker, Maria, was assaulted and killed in Costa Rica. (The first country she visited) just one week after her journey had started. Two men tried to rob her, yet she managed to run away, they later caught up with her, where she was reportedly assaulted and murdered. This tragedy has an impact on individuals worldwide, causing fear across the topic of travel. Making the risks appear too severe and dangerous.

2018- According to HNN: "Two in five women report they have experienced sexual harassment/unwelcome interactions when traveling, with those interactions most often occurring in a bar (21%). Approximately 10% of women recall harassment while sightseeing, on an airplane, or in their hotel." HNN also states that over half of women feel unsafe while travelling alone, whether it is worldwide, or even just walking across the street. This means women are more likely to want to stay in the protection of their own homes, which is narrowing any opportunities for them to branch out, grow and explore as an empowered individual.

2019- The tragedy of University of Lincoln's graduate Grace Millane causes great impact on the reputation of women travelling alone. Grace was murdered while travelling in New Zealand, whilst meeting a man on a Tinder date abroad. The horrific circumstances of Grace's death cause women worldwide to be more cautious and wary regarding these situations, yet many people hear the fact that she was backpacking alone, and automatically relate this event to other backpacking horror stories, regarding women travelling alone and being assaulted, killed or have gone missing. This, amongst many things, manipulates the way that travelling alone is perceived, as it can be associated with fear, tragedy and loss. Rather than focusing on the wonders of the world, women are too scared to feel vulnerable and becoming a victim.

The Solution

HAVEN, is a protective tool which offers help to women who are in need...

Using location tracking and voice activation, they are able to contact our team who can monitor their situation and arrange protection if necessary, meaning that they are only a touch or safe word away from getting the protection they need, without automatically contacting the police for minor circumstances.

They can also plan a safer route with the crime area detection feature, which alerts when a high crime rate is nearby. Report crimes in your area, which will increase the crime rate, allowing others to avoid certain routes, such as low- lit alleyways, quiet streets, unsafe bars, etc.

Connect the app with devices such as Fitbit, Apple Watch and the Haven Safety Band, etc. This means that if anyone is in a position where their phone is unreachable, or it is unsafe to use, then they can trigger the apps features through their devices, undetected.

Safe words are used to activate voice recognition which enables 'Safe Mode', where our team will monitor their situation and send protection.

ICE contacts can be added, which means our team will contact family or friends if enabled, in time of need.

The app will not guarantee complete security, as this is such a serious issue, but it could prevent women from being in a vulnerable situation. If used appropriately, along with caution, women could have the advantage of having a protective tool at their finger tips, and access to help worldwide.

App Prototype

This is an interactive prototype of the concept of the HAVEN app for iPhone X. It contains features such as; Sending location tracking information to the team, Location features including crime rates and reporting crimes, Pairing devices through the app, Settings (allowing you to adjust settings and manipulate the safe words), Your account page so you can personalize your account, Voice recognition to activate 'Safe Mode'. The automated safe word for the prototype is "Safe Haven".

This is an interactive prototype of the concept of the HAVEN app on the apple watch. It contains a trigger button, and voice recognition to activate 'Safe Mode'. The automated safe word is "Safe Haven".

Beauty Shot

The landing screen of the HAVEN app for iPhone X
The Landing Screen for the HAVEN app, on the Apple Watch
Created By
Paige Gregory