Not A Typical Friday Hunter Leaird

Beep... Beep... Beep...

A blurry-eyed Hunter struggles to wake up. He stares at his alarm clock, 2:05, the time reads. Friday at last, he thinks to himself. Slowly, he climbs out of bed while taking in his surroundings. His roommate is nowhere to be seen, probably at class or something. He brushes his teeth and leaves the cold sheet metal walls of Johnstone Hall behind him on his journey to Chick-Fil-A and then his English 1030 class.

He exits Johnstone through the side entrance and enters the Union. It's oddly quiet, there is not a soul to be seen. Slowly he checks his phone, 2:15. Hunter better get a move on, but he realizes he can be a minute or two late for class. He arrives at Chick-Fil-A, oblivious to the lack of human life, grabs a sandwich, and then waits for the cashier to ring him up but nobody ever arrives. 2:20 now, Hunter leaves with the sandwich and starts to make his way to class. The campus is empty except for a few people in the park, just laying down in the grass.

He finally gets to Daniel Hall with a couple minutes to spare and starts climbing the stairs on his way up to the fourth floor, counting each floor silently to himself. When he arrives at the fourth floor, a little short of breath, he decides to take a quick break at the water fountain right outside the classroom. The cold refreshing water wakes him up a little bit more. When he enters the classroom, nobody is there. Was class canceled?

Then he hears a noise, bringing him back to reality. A door opens, one of the large metal double doors down the hall. Hunter listens intently while listening to the creak of the heavy door slowly opening and then closing. He backs out of the classroom and peers down the call. Slowly and steadily, a creature that was somewhat human-like creeps down the hall. Then he sees the eyes, yellow eyes with blood-red centers. Without even a second thought, Hunter has seen many horror movies, he books it out the back stairs back onto campus.

After reaching the ground floor, he looks around. Dozens of lifeless husks were shuffling around on the pavement, on the bridge, and even some in the reflection pond. Quickly, Hunter runs back to his dorm room and starts going through his contacts, messaging all his local friends trying to figure out what's going on. After hours of waiting, he receives a message back. "You're alive??? " it read. His door bursts open and several kids from the hall enter the room.

Created By
Hunter Leaird


Created with images by Myriams-Fotos - "sunset sun clouds" • labenord - "clock alarm clock brick" • JeepersMedia - "Chick-Fil-A" • illustir - "Park" • bella67 - "drip drop of water wave" • TeroVesalainen - "smartphone white silver"

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