A. Kirby Art 1 portfoilio

In my goal card, my goals were to exercise and stay in shape so i could play basketball, and another goal was to make good grades and pass my exams.
This is a drawing of cones and the line in the bak shows what it what look like on top of something
These are three different shades of mouths of both girl and boy
This is a drawing of what ears would look like when you put shading on it
This is a drawing of a cylinder standing up and one laying down, the shading really shows the difference in both
These are perspective cubes and they show how you can make squares from different types of angles.
Theses are spheres and the shading around the spheres show how 3D it looks
This is a drawing of a scull and it shows were the light and dark parts are, and any things that point out
These are gesture drawing's of different objects in the classroom
This is when we learned how to use water to darken up shades
This is another drawing of my perspective cubes and it shows how shading can make them look like 3D
This is gesture drawing that we had to do of one of our classmates in three different poses
This is a sketch of me when we were doing contour drawing
This is another sketch of contour drawing but of my hand
This is a value scale that shows the primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors and also different shades
This is a value scale and it shows all the different shades and tints of one color
In this picture we were making flat tops to hold up our pinyin puppets and i like how we used the pinquins as puppets and made them look really good
This is a picture of all the finished puppets that we made and some props for the play
Surrealism is expressing your dreams and visions from your mind, and i did that by placing thins that don't go together and making it look real
Pop art is how you make fine art values and show the meaning in your work

This year art has been really fun. It has taught me a lot of things like, learning how to sketch, paint, and most of all draw, every since the beginning of art i couldn't really draw but now my drawing has got better and it looks better because i take my time when i draw now. i've learned how to make different shades and tints of colors. I learned how to make props, like the puppets we made for the play. In my self portrait, i learned how to make light and dark shades. I learned how to make gesture and contour drawing's of different objects. I learned how to make digital collages, they are pictures where you can put anything in them to make it what you want and it allows you to delete the background off of any picture. Last i learned how to make a clay mask where put symbols that represented us on the mask and then they were scorched and we painted them.


Artist: Gordon Cheung, Date: 2015, Caption: The Rider, Medium: Digital print from portfolio. I like this painting because the shading around the person and the background make it look like its close to the sun and it makes it look 3D. It also looks like it coming out of the picture. I also like the different colors in the bull and the person.

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