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Week 0 assignment: Video: "What is for me personal digital brand?"

Week 1 assignment: A headshot, retouched and sized

Making a headshot wasn't that easy as it sounds in this time of the selfy. But I think this was the right one. Enough wrinkles to retouche and a double chin to remove. Made some chances in the RAW version.

After and before using photoshop

Week 2 assignment: Planning and creating a CV / Résumé that will stand out from the crowd and show potential employers the skills and experience you have to offer. You’ll incorporate your headshot and upload the finished CV / Résumé to your Behance portfolio.

This is a hard assignment for me because it is a lot of work. I will do this in bit and publish it when it's done, meanwhile working on the other assignments.

Here it is afterall

The CV was a hard assignement, the last one I made, was about 30 years ago. So I didn't know what to tell and I don't need one because I have a very nice job. Because of this I thought I could make a CV of my Adobe history. It is only since the summer of 2015 I'm using Adobe in my classes, so I'm not very experienced, but by using it every day and doing these courses I learn a lot.

I don't know if I'm going to use it in my classes, because most of my pupils are a bit young, but perhaps my colleague and I are making some lessons for the older children who want to go to the Graphic Lycea.

Week 3 assignment: Create your own personal brand logo and mock up headers for Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

First I made some sketches for my logo. I was a serveillant for some tests and only have to watch if the students needed paper or other stuff. This is quite boring so I took some time to think about my personal logo. I don't think that is easy.

Brainstorm sketches

Back at home, I made a logo in Illustrator.

My name, one of my subjects and the impressions of moving forward.
Some changes after advice from my peers
My logo in a banner

Week 4 assignment Create an ePortfolio using real or imagined content.

This week I tried to make a portfolio on Adobe Portfolio Builder, but after putting some content on it, I had to upgread to a payed version. I thought this was in my cloudaccount. So I made some changes in Behance. And I will doing this the next weeks. I'm not an artist, but I can put my lessons and the results on it.


Week 5 assignment: The final stage of the course you will be creating an Adobe Spark Video offering formative assessment feedback on a student portfolio and a student portfolio assignment (real or imagined).

This is an assignment wich I have never done before and I think I'm not going to do this in the future. I like it more to have direct contact with my students and to get a discussion about their work. Why do they do it that way. In our classes we work with a blog; the students write after a assignment what they have done, how they did it and what they have learned. The older students (14-16) reflect every week on their doings.

I made this video on my Ipad, but there was a lot of noise around the house. Sorry for that.

spark video portfolio feedback

My final assignment: Create a simple personal reflection summarising your learning experience during the course in your "Learning Journal" on what you've learned during the course.

•Overthinking the course and my learnings, I would say I learned again some tools in the Adobe software and some of them I used already in class. But more over it gives me ideas for my lessons, makes me enthousiastic and happy.

•The methods of teaching and learning are not new to me. I have done some more courses and I like the methodes discussed in them. The way portfolio's were used by assesments, gave me the feeling that we are on the right track, creating our system.

•Think about how your students might learn: We planned to remake our website so that the students can choose the parts they want to learn en use their blog to tell what they have learned. We hope to create ownership by our students, something they can be proud of.

•Considering the next steps to engaging my students with my new knowledge, I think I'm going to try to make learning journals in Adobe Spark in stead of Wordpress in the lower classes, I hope it is less timeconsuming. And next year the first assignment for my new students wil be a introduction in Adobe Video. I think it will be easier te know them and know what expectations they have of my classes.

It was a nice course and I thank Greg and Kenn for their tutoring. And to keep on learning, I'm ready to start a new course with Premiere Pro. See you all there.


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