Chapter 3 Compassion

The title of Chapter 3 is compassion and I liked how they chose to name it that. When Father G asks the prisoners at Folsom Prison what sympathy and empathy are they respond quichkly. Then Father G asks what compassion is and everyone goes silent until one prisoner stands up and says compassion is God. The prisoner explains what it means in more detail and then everyone is moved with pity. Now they all know what sympathy, empathy, and compassion is. The theme of chapter 3 is compassion which means concerns for the sufferings of others, to me this means people looking out for eachother and having eachothers back.

My favorite story in Chapter 3 was about Betito the 12 year old boy. I love Betito's energy and how everyone called him the "Real Deal". His story effected me the most and especially when he died. Part of it was he was so young and the other part was I related to him and his bright and energetic personality. This story really made me realize how gang violence can even impact young kids.
Chapter 4: Water, Oil, Flame

The theme of Chapter 4 is new beginnings. I think this because George, Miguel, and Andres all now have a new beginning. They are putting their past of gangs behind them. George is now a part of the Catholic Church and Miguel cooked a turkey by himself. Also now Andres does his own grocery shopping.

My favorite story in Chapter 4 was also the saddest. It was about George and his brother Cisco. George just got baptized but then he found out his brother had died. This was my favorite story because I relate to George. I know what it's like to have something happy or exciting happen, but then find out a not so good thing happened. However you should always try to be positive like the poet Galway Kinnel writes, "Sometimes it's necessary to reteach a thing it's loveliness."
Chapter 5: Slow Work

The theme of Chapter 5 is to be patient. Now a days with technology everything is always so fast. Our relationship with God isn't through a screen or any form of technology, it's a spiritual relationship. When we pray to God a lot of us want an instant response, but God doesn't work like that. We need to practice being patient with God and other things in our daily life.

My favorite story in Chapter 5 was when the homies decide to visit Psycho's grave. Reading about everyone wanting to visit his grave made me think about all the times I wanted to visit a family members grave. I likes seeing this "soft side" of all these former gang members. When I hear the term gang member I usually think tough and strong, but I liked seeing this sympathetic side of them. People need to remember that every person deep down has a caring side.
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