Words of Heaven Not really

Julian is exasperated by the talking,Really!!!!!

Spencer was Forlorn that his Unicon was taken by the big, bad Julian.

Andres was Somber that Julian was cooler than him.

The two hooded boys were sullen that they were left out of Duck-Duck Goose.

The stranger was wretched the whole day because he had to go to school.

Adrian was aspired that we had helped him gain the confidence to catch a Pokemon.

Brandon was coveted that he did not get a soda like the rest of them.

The lone stranger holding the trumpet envied to play that magical instrument in front of your eyes.

Danger had an inclination to play the finger symbol that the teacher did not like.

He was very reluctant that the bell rang so he could leave the horrible band room.

The man persevered and learned a new piece of music.

Spencer Tantalized his brother for doing poor on his test.

Spencer was very Wary that a big bad cat was going to touch him.

Spencer was willful to go up to big bad cat with his sword of heaven.

Spencer was wistful to go up to sadie to say sorry for the bad things Julian has done to her.

The End!!!!!!!!!!!

The End again!!!!!!!

Now this is the End.

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