Ancient Egypt By: Alessandro sullivan

Ancient Egypt is in Africa.

The body of water that is near ancient Egypt is the Nile river.

The climate was very hot.

The Egyptians learned to control the Nile for it to get to their farms and land.

Ancient Egypt started in 3,100 BC and ended in 30 BC.

Ancient Egypt ended because Kush and Nubia took over upper Egypt. The king of Kush had a son named Piye and he took over lower Egypt. When Piye died his brother Shabaka and he took over the pharaohs thrown.

Ancient Egypt's enemies were Kush and Nubia.

The Egyptians made the toothbrush, toothpaste, writing, ink, pyramids, clock, calendar, makeup, and mummification. A major discovery is that king Tut's tomb was found in the valley of the kings.

Impact on the world and another civilization was mummification.

The population was 2 to 4 million people.

They spoke Egyptian.

they had their own alphabet.

Men had jobs of government, craft workers, farmers, and much more.

Women raised kids, ran households and weaved.

Noble kids learned mathematics, liter cutler, and writing.

Others learned their father's traits.

Girls learned to weave and learned household skills.

The Egyptians ate antelope, hyena, fish, Egyptian bread, crops, beer, onions, leeks, lettuce, beans, figs, dates, pomegranate, and grapes for wine.

The Egyptians celebrated a new year with a feast called Wepet Repet or opening of the year.

The feast of the tail represented the 30th year of the pharaohs rule.

The Pharaoh wore a decorated quilt and a double crown.

The queen wore collar necklaces.

Priests wore leopard skin.

Shepherds wore a simple quilt and animal skin.

Archers wore leather amour.

Scribes wore papyrus, palette containing pens and ink.

The Egyptians weaved, made clay pots, and painted tomb paintings.

Egyptians that lead as pharaohs were king Tut. King Tut is so important because his tomb was stuffed with treasure.

Cleopatra is so important because she lead as a co-leader for 30 years and made powerful alliances with Rome through Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony.

King Ramses II was so important because he was the second longest living pharaoh who ruled.

There are much more important pharaohs who ruled.

The Egyptians believed the gods have them their positions in life.

There was no laws needed because the Egyptians thought that the pharaohs knew what was right and wrong.

There was a lot of jobs in Ancient Egypt such as bakers, scribes, priest, noblemen, soldiers, farmers, merchants, and much more.

The Egyptians used money for trading and market.

Egyptians traded cereal, handmade things, paper, dried fish, beads, and luxuries for copper, spices, black and white bones, smelling smoke called incense.

Pharaohs had all of the access to all of the resources in African interior.

They traded with Kush and Punt

The Egyptians played musical instruments, hunting, and dancing.

Children played leap frog, tug of war, wrestled, and played their favorite board game senet.

Boys could get married at the age of 14. Girls could get married at the age of 12.

Women in the peasant class raised kids, adaption was an option. Women could own property, participate in a business, represent in court cases.

When the parents die the son takes the property and the daughter takes the house items.

some effects of present day is the first alphabet, writing, mummification, mathematics, wigs, recorded medicine, surgery, door locks, toothpaste, and glass.

Some resent news or findings are new tombs, the youngest mummy, remains of a new pyramid, and 2 cavities in the pyramid of Giza.


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