The forest

One day a boy named Daven had been walking back home from playing in the streets with his friends. He was passing by Mr. Jefferson, a nice old man, who had turned 50. He loved animals and was always nice to Daven by giving him vintage cool stuff. Mr. Jefferson had asked Daven to come to his house that he had something unique. Upon entering Mr. Jefferson told him to wait in the living room.

When he returned to the room all Daven could see was a flash from a monkey that was in Mr. Jefferson's hand. He told him in a sweet voice, “It is not real a monkey. That is silly nobody owns a monkey. He is my friend and he is a nice fluffy blue monkey.”

After being about to see again. Mr. Jefferson asked are you ok? Daven replied “Yup!” Well then, Mr. Jefferson said his name is fred and then he handed over to him and said protect him he’s my best friend. Daven didn’t know what he was talking about. Magic isn’t real but little did he know he had super powers one day the monkey moved daven thought he was having a mirage but he was talking know thought that imagery friends were fake he’s friends always told him to be live but he never believed them until now he was first scared but slowly become friends and had amazing adventures but one day Mr. Cracker a bad teacher and a horrible person he always keeps saying that i have special super powers that probably won't be real but hey you need a little fantasy in your life daven would say to himself. one day daven was walking through the forest and he saw mr cracker, wearing some weird funky hat daven went to say hi he sacked

him with a potato bag and took him to some house.

mr cracker had a gas mask on and was looking at me and some blue stuff came of me he was smiling at me i tried to get out but it was hard he broke the metal and grabbed his blue fluffy monkey and ran the monkey was talking to him telling him to fly but daven was to focused on running but he heard him one time and he jumped he flying he didn't believe it was this real or fake but he didn't care he happy he got away mr craker had a remote in his hand he broke down,all the trees and said hahaha i'll find you even if you hide so, He turned back and dropped the monkey and said i'll back for you that time he remembered what mr jefferson said and was happy that he dropped him and remembered what he said “protect him with your life” fred was running trying to see him. Daven was battling mr cracker . He punched him and there at him a ball of fire daven was impressed and he started flying mr cracker fainted and daven was happy that he was a hero Fred and they had fun adventures one day they had some ice cream with mr.Jefferson.daven was happy mr. Jefferson had gave him fred. one day they went to a water park and they had so much fun


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