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Women empowering women



Inspiring women are everywhere and have enormous positive impact. Women empower themselves and each other. The Fair Trade movement is full of examples of women bucking social norms and overcoming gender barriers. Across many hundreds of Fair Trade Enterprises, women are the decision-makers, leaders, professionals, and artisans driving change. This can inspire broader social change and help empower more women.

We celebrate International Women’s Day 2020 by profiling the inspiring women who are creating the path to gender equality.

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The Fair Trade Movement has inspired the world in advancing gender equality. Women in Fair Trade are four times as likely to hold a senior management position, become CEO or join the board. The WFTO community, for example, has a gender equality policy required for all organisations to become verified Fair Trade Enterprises. With deep commitment on gender equality, the Fair Trade Movement is driven by women leaders who have empowered themselves and are inspiring other women to become empowered.

“Fair Trade champions gender equality and women’s empowerment.”

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Support Fair Trade. The Fair Trade Movement has set an example of advancing gender equality.

“FairTrade is effectively contributing to transformation - not only in challenging structures previously occupied by men, but as well in every sphere of life.” - Mitos Urgel of the Women’s Education for Advacement and Empowerment (WEAVE Women).

Advancing gender equality in the economic sphere is the Fair Trade Movement’s shining contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The WFTO Gender Reports

“Fair Trade Enterprises have gender equality and women’s economic empowerment at the heart of what they do, believing that we will never achieve sustainable development if women’s full potential is not realised.” – WFTO Gender Report #2, February 2019

Fair Trade Enterprises foster women’s empowerment through these six best practices:

  1. Education, awareness-raising and skills training for women, and for women and men together;
  2. Providing women (as well as men) with leadership opportunities at every level in the FTO whether this is in a factory situation or in a less formal, rural, village setting as members and leaders of women’s groups;
  3. Giving women the chance to participate in decision-making in their organisations and communities;
  4. Providing equal pay for equal work; providing fair pay in all situations.
  5. Promoting Fair Trade in whatever way they can.
  6. Challenging entrenched stereotypes and traditional social norms

See Gender Reports here.

Inspiring stories of members on gender equality and women’s empowerment

  • Marcela of Calypso Chile is a shining example of an empowered woman entrepreneur;
  • Global Mamas - social enterprise by women, for women business model
  • CORR The Jute Works ensure their board is equally represented by women artisans
  • WEAVE, capacity building for women, especially refugees
  • Majority of board members of BaSE Bangladesh are women (women decision-makers) with over 10K women beneficiaries;
  • MIFUKO Finland, a women-led social enterprise that reinvests the majority of its profits to their artisans; and

Video chain challenge: Let's inspire gender equality on Women's Day (online activity)

We’re challenging members to participate in the video chain from 1 to 8 March to inspire gender equality and spread our inspiring across five continents! Our community, powered by your mission-led enterprises, is a source of women who are decision-makers, leaders, professionals and artisans. Let’s tell their story on video using your smartphones.

Recommended activities (offline)

1. Group discussions using the World Café format – raise awareness with your key audiences through group discussions. This is a good way to connect with the people that really matters to your organisation.

2. Organise gender equality seminars with your staff, workers and producers. Improve your Gender Policy compliance through gender equality trainings and smeinars. On Women’s Day, may this day an occasion for you to look inward and improve your gender equality practices!

3. Open house –open your doors, introduce your inspiring women to the public.

4. School children’s visit – raise gender equality at a young age. Inspire school children by introducing them inspiring women of your organisation!

5. Women’s Day Marketplace – a good way to sell products and raise gender equality at the same time. Organise a marketplace with other members in your city or ask your municipal authorities to organize a marketplace dedicated to celebrate inspiring women entrepreneurs, artisans, designers, farmers and leaders.

6. Women’s Day concert - celebrate your inspiring women with music

7. Food tasting, product launch, product discount and more –, food and more sales!

Do you have inspiring women in your organisation: TELL US!

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