Question Yourself Razin hOSSAIN

First of all we are human beings, we are curious by nature. Chances are we always question ourselves but we don't ask why or you might not even care.

What do we ask ourselves?

Who really Am I? I am I really a help to society? What am I really scared of? When have I ever given up? What matters most in my life? Am I holding on to something I need to let go of? Have I done anything worth remembering? What do I want most in life? How shall I live, knowing I will die? What do I need to change about myself? Am I Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason?
Thought-provoking no?

Why should we question ourselves?

First of all if we don't question ourselves we can't reach our true potential, we need to question ourselves to learn more about ourselves and to become better and effective leaders. For instance the big question everyone thinks about but never really answer it. Who really am I? Now that may be the most though-provoking question you will ever encounter. Now if you don't think and answer your question you won't be able to reach further in life and be who you are. Not to mention you find your purpose and role when you ask questions about yourself.

Why do we question ourselves?

If we don't question ourselves we will never know what were doing and never become a effective leader. For example If you never question your actions, your motives, your, destinations. Where will you really be going, your gonna be on a train that never stops and that doesn't have a destination. We question ourselves to show ourselves so that then we can use those answers to become better leaders.
If you don't question yourself you won't know what your doing and will work blind folded. Have you ever asked yourself what your strengths and weaknesses are, by answering that you can move up the ladder and try to use those strengths to your advantage and try to cure your weaknesses or at the very least hide them. Without questions you can't progress, since all the answers are steps that come together to climb higher and become a better person/ leader.

Take the risks!

Now people may not question themselves maybe because their nervous to really find out and use those answers to help them. Take the risks and find out yourself. Even if you fail, you learn from your mistakes, then you can come back even stronger.


Question yourself and show who you are. When you question yourself you'll never go out of style :),when you question yourself you never know how far you'll go you will never have to sit under sea and sit back and watch the action happen. So, just question yourself and show who are to become a better person and leader in the world.

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