Tattoos on the Heart By: Emma heglin

Reflection 1:

Fr. G says he sees a man named Junior every morning. Then one morning Father G doesn't see him, and as he is walking past his apartment he hears him yell that he loves him. I like how much these men love father G. He must have something special about him because everyone that meets him seems to love him. Not many people have this unique characteristic, but Fr. G uses his gift in an amazing way.

Reflection 2:

Fr. G says how he heard the gang talking bad about Flaco. They said that they were glad he was hit by a car. Father G teaches them that that is not right to say, and the next day Gato goes to visit Flaco in the hospital. I think it is good that Father G teaches them what is right and what is wrong. This means that he is doing his job right.

Reflection 3:

Fr. G also got people that hate each other to become friends. Danny and Artie would not speak to each during a car ride because they hate each other so much. As they were watching an old couple walk by Danny cracks a joke and they break out laughing. I think it is great how Father G brings people together. Just by making them work together he is able to grow a new friendship.

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