Henry Ford By Connor Hein

“You can paint it any color as long as it’s black” Henry Ford. Model T’s from 1913 to 1925 only came in black. Customers could put different bodies on the Model T. There were several body styles for instance there was a two seat runabout,seven seat town car and a five seat touring car. How the engine worked. The engine was gas powered but it was not the first gas powered car. Although the Model T was not the first gas powered car gas powered cars were brand new. Most people thought the Model T was really noisy. The car had a 10 gallon gas tank. The gas tank was placed under the seat because the gas had to be fed to the engine by gravity.

The 1920 Model T’s were battery start but before they were hand crank to start the car. Henry Ford was born on 1863. It took 3 years to make Henry Ford's first car. In 1908 the Model T was first manufactured. From 1908 to 1927 Ford Motor Company built 15 million Model T. Fun facts, The Model T was also known as the Tin Lizzie and also Flivver. It was know for the low cost, durability and easy maintenance. The Model T’s top speed was 40 to 45 MPH.The Model T was $800 in 1908 but it was lowered to $300 in 1925. It was frequently was driven backwards up steep hills. The Model T looks very unique but also different from today's generation of cars.

The Model T was the first car ever made on the assembly line! On 1913 Henry ford installed the first moving assembly line. The Model T took more than 12 hours to make but because of the assembly line it only took 2 hours and 30 minutes to make a Model T! Before the assembly line was used by Henry Ford workers would put the parts on the floor and drag the parts to the next station. Also in 1913 he unveiled the moving chassis assembly line. Then in 1924 the mechanized belt (assembly line) moved at the speed of six feet per minute. Each worker would be taught to only build one part. Lastly on June Fourth,1924 the 10 millionth Model T rolled off the assembly line but only five million more would be made.

The Model T and Mustang GT are similar in a few ways like, they are both made by Ford they both are controlled by a pedal and they are both gas powered. But however the Model T and Mustang GT are very different, like the Model T came out in 1908 but the Mustang GT came out in 1964. The Model T cost $825 while the Mustang GT is about $32,295 that's because back then in 1908 $825 was a lot of monney. But the Model T was still affordable for an average American while the Mustang GT is not so affordable for an average American. The Mustang GT is very driver friendly because drivers can change the color of the dash board. While the Model T is not so driver friendly.The Mustang GT is made by machines but the Model T was made by person. The Model T has 20 horsepower and a 2.9 liter engine but the Mustang GT has 300 horsepower with a 4.6 liter V-8 engine. But there are many more ways that the Model T and Mustang GT are alike and different.

When Henry Ford saw his first machine that was powered by a steam engine it caused him to build a horse less carriage. At this time steam engines were very common on farms. Because of that he created his first gas powered car named the Quadricycle. When he rode it on the road some people wanted to buy the Quadricycle so he sold it for $200. When he built his Quadricycle he got some ideas on how he wanted to build the Model A. Therefore he could use that money to build his Model A prototype. So then he started to sell his Model A’s. Then after the Model A Henry Ford wanted to create a reliable automobile that everyone could afford, because cars were not so affordable for an average American. As a result Henry Ford had built the Model T because he saw a steam engine powered machine.

Before 1908 average Americans could not afford cars they were not very common and were not very reliable.That's because cars were brand new at this time. Due to that Henry Ford had set out to build a car that was very reliable. After the Model N Henry Ford wanted to create an even better and cheaper automobile. At this time automobiles were considered extremely luxury for common people but Henry Ford solved that when he created the Model T. Henry Ford lowered the price of his Model T from $825 to $300. Charcoal briquettes were invented by Henry Ford because he wanted to get rid of his wood waste.Therefore he made charcoal Briquettes. So Henry Ford’s brother in law EG.Kingsford started to manufacture charcoal. Therefore he made charcoal briquettes. All in all because cars were not reliable and affordable Henry Ford created the Model T.

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