Financial Aid Resources & Tools For High School Counselors

Guide to Financial Aid for Parents & Students

Steps to Apply:

(2021-22 Video Coming Soon!)

Financial Aid Events

Austin Chamber of Commerce Events

Visit the Austin Chamber of Commerce Higher Education and Financial Aid page for information about upcoming events, various resources within the community, and other important information to help you plan for college.

Additional information about applying for financial aid at Austin Community College is available on our website at www.austincc.edu/financialaid. If you previously attended ACC, please view the "Financial Aid Guide for Returning ACC Students" section of this website for more information.

Financial Aid Toolkit for HS Counselors

ACC Training the Trainer Video Series

This video series is designed to train High School Counselors and volunteers to guide students through the process of completing the FAFSA.

Training Materials for Counselors & Volunteers

  1. ACC Training The Trainer Slideshow
  2. ACC Training The Trainer Companion Handouts
  3. Guide to Planning A Financial Aid Event Handout
  4. What You [HS Counselors] Need To Know About Financial Aid Handout

TASFA Presentation Materials

  1. "Completing the TASFA" Presentation Slides
  2. "Completing the TASFA" Presentation Video
  3. 2021-22 TASFA Application (English & Spanish)
  4. TASFA Checklist for ACC Students (English & Spanish)
  5. ACC TASFA Forms and Documents
  6. ACC Residency Status Information

Flyers and Handouts for Students

  1. 20-21 FAFSA Checklist: Before You Get Started (Handout)
  2. Helpful Handouts for Students
  3. TASFA Application and Checklist (English & Spanish)
  4. Other Resources Available

Helpful Videos

Completing the FAFSA: Step by Step Video

FAFSA Form and FSA ID Tips Video

After the FAFSA: What Happens Next

Financial Aid Events

Financial Aid Guide for Returning ACC Students

Steps to Apply for the FAFSA

  1. Submit Your FAFSA Online
  2. Track Your Status via Self-Service
  3. Check Your ACC Mail for Updates
  4. Submit Additional Financial Aid Documents if Required
  5. Accept Your Awards on Self-Service

Steps to Apply for the TASFA

The state of Texas offers financial aid grants to qualifying students who are ineligible to apply for the FAFSA. To apply, you must complete the TASFA application. See below for more information.

  1. Review the ACC Checklist to Apply (English & Spanish)
  2. Complete the 2021-22 TASFA Application Form (English & Spanish)
  3. Complete the ACC Verification Worksheet
  4. Get a copy of IRS Tax Transcripts (Online)
  5. Compete the Non-Tax Filer Statement for Persons Without an SSN/ITIN/EIN (if applicable) Form
  6. Verify your ACC Residency Status

Virtual Resources for ACC Students

Our partners at Trellis offer ACC students free virtual financial coaching via phone and webcam including help completing the FAFSA (or TASFA). They can even help ACC students with one-on-one FAFSA/TASFA assistance. Create an account and schedule an appointment to get the help you need.

Visit austincc.edu/fatv to view our library of helpful financial aid videos to get answers to your questions 24/7. Here’s a virtual FAFSA tutorial.

Have a question? Ask our chatbot. Our chatbot knows most everything about Financial Aid and is available day or night to help you out.

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