Hunting On Sundays Hunter Kunkel

The issue of hunting on Sundays has been batted around the Pennsylvania government. The government rejected the bill to allow hunting every time it came through the house. A while ago a bill came through the house to allow fishing on Sundays and the government passed it. Why can’t they allow hunting on Sundays? The government should pass the bill and allow people to hunt on Sundays.

Approximately 12.7 million people live in Pennsylvania. Only about 500 thousand of those people hunt. Many of the people who don’t hunt but want to feel it is a waste of money for them to buy a license and only go one day a week. If the government would pass the bill those people would buy a hunting license. About 49 percent of the people in a conducted survey said they would be more likely to buy a license if there was sunday hunting. Which would mean that the government makes more money and can help the society out with putting more money in certain activities. Although, Many people right now are saying “ that would mean that more animals are going to get killed.” This is true but a study was conducted and it shows that the deer population has been increasing since 2008. Since the population in people is growing that means we have to take away more area of the deer habitat. Which means the deer are being forced into neighborhoods and can cause danger to humans. If we have Sunday hunting the deer population will either balance out or will decrease slightly and make it safer for humans.

Deer have been known to cause crop damage to farmers fields. Which in return causes less food for us. If Sunday hunting was allowed then the deer population will drop and the amount of crop damage drops too. Which also means better harvests for crops and the price of it will drop and make living easier for the people who can’t afford food. Many people say that the farmer should be allowed to kill animals if they are causing crop damage. Farmers can get a tag from the state to kill deer if they are posing a risk to a farmer’s crops, but if it is a herd of deer there is a limit to how many deer that farmer can take. By allowing hunters onto his land they can narrow down the deer herd. If Sunday hunting was allowed then those hunters could have a better chance of killing more deer and the farmer would get a better crop turn out.

One of the most important reasons why Sunday hunting is not allowed is because of people doing recreational activities on Sunday ( hiking, biking, horseback riders, etc). Many of the people who hunt say they have encountered people doing recreational activities while they were hunting on a Saturday. If people are out doing activities on a Saturday and encountering hunters then why does it matter on a Sunday? If the people would wear orange while they are doing activities then the hunters would be able to see them and would know where not to shoot. In 2014 there were only thirty injuries related to hunters. This number over the past couple of years has been declining. Why did most of those thirty accidents happen? Most of them were caused by people walking through the woods wearing natural colors and the hunter not seeing them while they were shooting. Most people would say “ well the hunter should have identified his target.” The hunter did. Except that there was a person behind the animal he was shooting at. If the person walking was wearing orange then that person wouldn’t have shot until the walker was out of the shooting lane.

If the bill to allow hunting on Sundays comes back through the house they should pass. There are many reasons why. For example, deer cause crop damage to farmers fields. Also, many people don’t want to only hunt one day a week and would buy a license if there was hunting on Sundays. Finally, whenever people are walking through the woods they should be wearing orange. There are some reasons why there should not be hunting on Sundays, but they are not good enough to not allow it.

The day that got away

It was there,

then it was gone,

a wasted day

Thrown away

I couldn’t hunt,

I wish I could,

but the state wouldn’t allow me to

So now I sat here broken hearted

Without a deer I could have harvested.

The scene

The grass,

A deer,

The gun,

It looked at me,

I couldn’t shoot,

It wasn’t legal.


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