Week 1 St. Peter's basilica

Progress update

Week 1

This week was a research week. Our research includes background on the building of the basilica, the location of the basilica ( Vatican City), the person the basilica is named after ( St. Peter), and more history of the basilica. We also found information about the interior of the basilica and other structures including the dome on top. One of our assignments due this week was a source check. We gathered all of our sources, put them in alphabetical order, and turned in the assignment. However, we were informed that some of our citations were incorrect and we needed to go back to the website and change them. Lastly, we gathered research about our personal blog topics that we will continue next Monday.

Ryan and Jack hard at work with their research
Ryan smiling while Josie asks Kali for proffessional advice.
Ryan showing off his finding of the Vatican City national anthem as Kali and Josie share their research.

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