Gender Roles by: JJ Christian

Women less stature considered weaker role was to take care was to take care of the house and have children.Men were supposed to be rational,loyal,competitive & expect to go to work everyday & support their families & not to show emotion & always being protective of women. Women inferior to men.

The male relatives were supposed to look after the women. The males had to look after the females because they thought they couldn't do it on their own.Some women are very cautious at what they do,act and how they affect the rest of the world surrounded by them.

Women were allowed to write & paint, care for children, clean & cook.They couldn't hold a professional job ( no doctor,lawyer or actor) Even women parts in movies and such were played by men. I don't know how the roles for women in movies and all that were played by men,that's pretty crazy.

Here are some of the differences between what USA and Elizabethan Era...for Example: In the USA, kids and had to to school, in the Elizabethan Era, kids or no one could go to school. Another example: in the USA, you had the right to vote,in the Elizabethan Era, you couldn't vote at all. They're so many other reasons and crazy stuff you could do in the USA and Elizabethan Era. Just all crazy stuff.

Cited evidence: Wagner, J. A. Historical Dictionary of the Elizabethan World: Britain, Ireland, Europe, and America. Phoenix, AZ, Oryx Press, 1999.


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