Homecoming 2018 Pixar movies come to life throughout Homecoming week

The theme of this year's Homecoming week is Pixar. With the freshmen representing Finding Nemo, the sophomores as the Incredibles, the juniors as Toy Story and the seniors as Monsters Inc., all the classes put on their best game face to go head to head throughout the activity games, food drive donations and best skit performance of the week. All these are determinants in the final Homecoming week winner announced at the Homecoming rally on Friday.

Day 1: "Andy's coming!"

As the juniors hurried to position the three large posters that draped behind them during their skit, the bell rang and hundreds of students and teachers consequently made their way to the rally court.

The juniors' theme was Toy Story; their skit revolved around Andy, played by junior Revan Aponso, and the classic toys, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Mr. Potatohead and more, that come to life. Thereafter, Andy grows older until eventually entering Monta Vista high school, meeting his homework-ridden fate and a new toy: a TI-84 calculator played by Kevin Sun. The calculator and the toys clash, fighting over Andy's attention. Andy, at the end of the skit, finally puts down his calculator and plays with his beloved childhood toys.

Following the skit, all the classes came together at lunchtime to the rally court once again, preparing for the first Homecoming activity game: tug of war. The sophomores took fourth place, followed by the juniors for third, the freshmen for second and the seniors taking the cake with first place, celebrating the first win of Homecoming week.

Watch the juniors' skit below:

Photos by Sara Entezar.

Day 2: “Honey, where’s my supersuit?”

As the sophomores waited for the crowd of students and teachers to quiet down before their skit, the sophomore actors walked on the stage in preparation for the first scene.

With “The Incredibles” as their theme, the sophomores’ skit revolved around the Incredibles family, starting off with Mr. Incredible, played by sophomore Conner Yin, and Elastigirl, played by sophomore Siri Konanoor, who were both breaking up with significant others. They later met while visiting Edna, the superhero outfit designer.

Fast forward a few years to “present day,” and Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are married and have three kids: Violet, Dash and Jack Jack. When Tony, Violet’s crush, gets kidnapped by Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl’s ex-lovers, the Incredibles rush in to save the day, while MVHS mascots Monte and El Toro offer some advice to the villains. At the end of the skit, Tony is safe and, realizing his feelings for Violet, asks her to the Homecoming dance.

Following the skit, 12 representatives from each class came together on the stage to participate in a four-round trivia game during lunch. The first round consisted of math questions, the second of pundles (puzzles that use letters and symbols to form familiar words or phrases), the third of MVHS-related questions and the fourth of Pixar-themed questions. The freshmen took third place, followed by the seniors and sophomores in a tie for second and the juniors in first.

Watch the sophomores' skit below:

Photos by Alyssa Hui and Zara Iqbal.

Day 3: "Goodnight and good dreams"

“Beyond the Sea” played in the background as the freshmen waited for the MVHS crowd to gather at the stage, before starting their skit with the introduction of the clownfish Kelp, nicknamed Keke, played by Rayan Narayanaswamy, arriving for his first day of high school at Monta Fishta, Keke is met by hostile bullies. While dancers then dashed up on the stage to begin performing, Narayanaswamy sang “Say Something.” At Monta Fishta, Keke falls asleep after his first class, and when he wakes up, he meets a girl Bubbles, whom he flirts with. Afterwards, however, a strange boy offers him drugs, then proceeding to knock him out. When he wakes up again, Keke is surprised to find himself next to his supposedly-dead father, who is kidnapped by a villainous Justwim Bieber. Keke and his father cleverly untie themselves, free their clownfish friends while Bieber is defeated by El Toro and Monte at the end of the skit.

At lunch, 20 representatives from each grade sat along a line for the water bucket brigade. The objective of the game was to fill up a bucket by passing along plastic bags filled with water along the line; the first grade to fill up the bucket won the game. The class of 2019 won, closely followed by the class of 2020, the class of 2021 and finally the class of 2022.

Watch the freshmen's skit below:

Photos by Alyssa Hui and Jahan Razavi.

Day 4: “Goodbye MV”

Standing around the stage filled with decorated, moving doors and colorful backdrops, the seniors waited for their classmates and teachers to gather and prepared to perform their final Homecoming skit at MVHS.

The skit was based off of the movie “Monsters, Inc.” and had a similar plot to the original movie, but with a few twists, such as an original rap by senior Brian Lee and doors decorated with past Homecoming themes. In the skit, James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, played by seniors Wayne Mak and Alex Logie respectively, are at work when they get kicked off the scare floor. They then a hear a strange noise coming from the office of their nemesis Randall Boggs, played by senior Bryce Nevitt, and find out he had stolen a child, played by senior Rachel Lennen, to gain more points and climb up to the top of the scare list. In the end, Mike and Sully save the girl, who Sully has named Boo, and return her home, but not before saying their goodbyes.

After the skit, six representatives from each class came together during lunch to participate in the frozen t-shirt pyramid game. Participants were given a bundle of frozen shirts that they had to take apart and put on. They also had to create a pyramid consisting of three people on the bottom, two in the middle and one on top. The sophomores came in first, the seniors in second, the freshmen in third and the juniors in fourth.

Watch the seniors' skit below:

Photos by Alyssa Hui and Zara Iqbal.

Day 5: Homecoming rally

As the final celebration before the football game, MVHS gathered its four classes around the stage in the rally court for the homecoming rally.

Four classes went head to head in games such as a watermelon eating contest and catching contest, broken up by energized performances by the senior girls and the Marquesas. Homecoming royalty was also announced in the second half of the rally. The senior class royalty definitely made an entering as they dove onto the stage with their arms and followed one another onto the stage.

And who can forget, the staple of every rally: Variations singing the alma mater, which led into the results. The brief delay in announcing the results brought about the shocking, and to some disappointing, results. The sophomores came in fourth, the freshmen in third, seniors in second and juniors in first place.

Scroll below to see key moments of the 2018 homecoming rally.

Photos by Sara Entezar and Ruth Feng.

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