The Yemen Crisis


The Yemen Crisis. Are the people of Yemen getting all the help they can get? Is the government doing everything they can to help the people in Yemen get through this war too? These are just a few of the questions that need to be answered about this war that's happening. The Yemen Crisis is a big deal, and if not brought under control soon, other countries run the risk of getting involved.

Yemen Children Caught in Food Crisis

Incubation Stage

The Yemen population has already been in poverty for a while now. It is one of the poorest countries over seas. The country has been blocked from any possible help from other countries. Their resources such as the food and water supply have been cut off, so that means they are not getting the things they need to survive. Many kids and adults have passed away due to the shortages of certain necessities. The government has put directed taxes on the civilians and that is making the economy collapse. Also another thing is that the lack of transparency in appointments and positions has lead to insignificant treatment to certain social groups which has lead to corruption. The president has also been interfering with the country's laws, making things harder then needed to be.

Yemen's President, Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, on the left

Systematic Stage

The killings of Yemen's people has had a great impact on the way people of Yemen react to this war. Bombs have gone off near schools killing kids and people around them. More then 6,800 people have been killed and over 35,000 injured in the past year due to this war and all the fighting. Another thing that has bothered the people is that Yemen's enemy, the Houthis, have taken over the capital and are proceeding to move southwards towards the country's second biggest city, Aden. The people are upset that the government has been overthrown and that the armed forces were split.

Yemen's Capital

Crisis Stage

All the fighting that happens in Yemen is one of the reasons why they are having so much trouble. Yemen's conflict has it's roots in failure of the political transition that was supposed to bring stability to Yemen following an uprising that forced its longtime authoritarian president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to hand over power to Mr Hadi, his deputy, in November 2011. Because of this Mr Hadi struggled to deal with a variety of problems, including attacks by al-Qaeda, a separatist movement in the south, the continuing loyalty of many military officers to Mr Saleh. This lead to corruption unemployment and food insecurity.

The Map of Yemen and it's Conflict

Convalescence Stage

Yemen has been in this on going war since Sunday, March 22 2015. It has been a very messy and brutal war which the U.S. has weighed in to help. The refusal of Hadi's government to accept Kerry's truce could mean that the war will continue indefinitely. If peace efforts do not prevail by then, Hadi may attempt to hold out and take a gamble on the policies of a new administration in Washington. After initially denying involvement, Saudi Arabia eventually admitted its role in the attack. This war is still going on and is yet to come to an end. This means the poverty, and the struggle is going to be going on for a while until this war comes to an end.

Research Process

I choose the Yemen conflict because it sounded very fascinating and I felt that not a lot of people know about this conflict. Doing research about the Yemen crisis was sort of difficult for many reasons. For starters finding information that I needed was hard because the stuff that kept coming up wasn't anything I needed. Getting the right information and getting interesting things too also was a little hard. There was stuff that I found interesting to look up though. Like looking up stuff about the Yemen population, and the poverty. Doing all of this made me think that modern day revolutions are just like the older revolutions, and they usually start the same way and end the same too.

Yemen Vs. French

Modern Revolution vs. French Revolution

The Yemen Crisis is similar to the French Revolution because both of these revolutions started out the same way. The French Revolution had a bad government who put taxes on the people, and the Yemen Crisis is the same way because the people were being taxed a lot and that was weakening the economy. The Yemen government wasn't the best and was soon conquered by another country. The French Revolution was between the social structures. The Yemen Crisis is between Yemen and the Houthi rebels. They both were fighting because the people didn't like what was going on in the government like taxes. The Yemen Crisis is different from the French Revolution because the Yemen Crisis is still happening and the French Revolution was solved. The French Revolution was also about the church. The Yemen Crisis is mostly about the Houthi rebels trying to take over. If the Houthi rebels take over in the end then that will lead to the end of the Yemen Crisis. The French Revolution ended when Napoleon took over and helped the French out.


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