Dogs can speak too!

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This is a westie
This is a yorkie
This is a pitbull
This is a bull dog
This is a hound
This is a shih tzu

All of these dogs can speak.for them barking is speaking all though we don't understand them.

The end

Created By
Adri Prete


Created with images by Josch13 - "dog yorkshire terrier lazy dog" • bazzadarambler - "Westies ... not quite snow - white dog." • Liza - "yorkshire terrier dog yorkie" • Crazypitbull - "american staffordshire terrier amstaff pitbull" • skeeze - "english bulldog bulldog canine" • cri92 - "dog puppy hound" • davodlbnn - "shih tzu puppy animal"

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