The Renaissance Isaac Ramos

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

RACES: The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the RI the Renaissance. In the text it states "Among these traders were a remarkable man from Venice named Marco Polo and his family" (Holt299). I say that because Marco Polo was the one who went to the trade route and it helped spark the Renaissance. In the text it also states "The Polos saw amazing things in China" (Holt300). I say that because when he went back, he's peaked of these amazing things which helped spark the Renaissance. In conclusion, the reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance.

Marco Polos tracks

Italy Video

Medici Family

On the top left corner is a picture of Italy artwork. On the top right corner is an image of Italy's teachings. On the bottom left is a image of Italy Architecture. And finally, on the bottom right is a image of money because of Italy banking.

Greek and Roman

Greek and Roman classical ideas helped spark The Renaissance because classic art and education were the keys to The Renaissance being rebirth again. In the text it states "Historians use the word to describe the rebirth of widespread interest in classical are and learning that took place in Europe form about 1300 to about 1600 C.E." (Humanism). Because of classical art and education The Renaissance began and that changed the aspect of people's live. In the text it states "Although there was no sudden end to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance changed many aspects of people's lives overtime" (Humanism). In conclusion, classical ideas in Greek and Roman helped sparked the Renaissance because art and education were the keys to the Renaissance being reborn again.

This is Greeks kind of classical idea, there statues are draped with clothing. They are kind of different form Roman.

This is Romans kind of idea. They made buildings that are kind of pretty.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo was an amazing artist. He went to school in the studio of the renowned Florentine painter named Verrocchio and was educated there and learned how to paint. The website talked about him and how he went to Rome and did some paints there. In conclusion, to prove that he was good, the website had pictures of his paintings and they were interesting.

On the left, is a painting of people made Leonardo. On the right, it is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci painted Jesus getting baptized .


This video talks about Michelangelo and where he came from and the places he went to do art work from r the Pope and in Rome.

Paper and Printing

On the left and the right are pictures of the printing press which had a big impact.

The new printing press had a big impact on literacy. There was a big impact because it was an easier way to print and to write. It was even faster than copying everything word by word.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare's writing reflected the ideas of humanism because he knew every human being was important. In the text it states "Ever since, people have enjoyed the beauty of his understanding of humanity" (Holt317). People were attracted because of his beauty and understandment of humanity. People loved him because he was so famous and had good literature. He was an important writer and influenced English Language. He knew that humans were important. In the text it states, "The following passage reflects the Renaissance idea that each human being is important" (Holt317). In conclusion, Willam Shakespeare was important because of his writings and he understood humanism.

On the left is a painting of William Shakespeare. On the left is a painting by William Shakespeare.

Here is a quote by William Shakespeare: "Those married young, are often unhappy" and "Everyone has their fate and the more people try to avoid it, the more trouble people get into".


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