WebEx Unlimited Storage will end on June 25. What does this mean?

If you taught a class in Spring 2020 (S2 or SP)....

Faculty who taught in Spring and/or Spring 2 2020 will need to download any recording that they made that they wish to retain for future use from websteru.webex.com.

Directions on how to download your recording can be found lower on this page.

Keep in mind that you cannot use recordings of full classes with student names, video feeds and voices in future classes. You can sometimes edit recordings to remove these elements, but that step would need to be taken prior to reuse.

We created a decision tree to help you through this process:

Decision Tree for Saving Videos

The video below will take you through strategies for determining if you want to download recording content from Spring. Summer adjustments are also addressed:

The video below will show you how to download your recordings from WebEx:

The video below will show you how to upload a downloaded MP4 to Office 365, create a link your students can access and adding that link to your course in Canvas.

If you are teaching a class in Summer.....

If you are teaching a class for Summer, you will need to be aware that the deletion of recordings from WebEx will happen much more quickly over Summer and likely for the duration of COVID-19 remote instruction.

Plan for WebEx recordings to be deleted (from WebEx) 7 days after they are initially made.

So, if you make a recording in WebEx on Monday evening, you should plan to download the recording from WebEx by midnight the following Monday, if you need to retain a copy for your course for the rest of the term.

If you have any additional questions about using WebEx or downloading your recordings, please visit us in Online Open Office Hours.


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