Penguins By: addy & alex

Immigration: Because of global warming penguins are immigrating all the time. Most live in Antarctica but those who do not are moving into this area, because of the melting of their homes have made them migrate to colder areas.

Emigration: The penguins who live in areas that are not as cold as Antarctica are forced to emigrate out of their homes and to colder areas.

This picture shows penguins leaving their current habitat to find a new one.

Births : The birth rate of started out very slow because of high competition for resources then, sky rocketed the plateaued at the carrying capacity; creating this graph below. This high competition made most of the population consume things they shouldn't have making them very sick, which was also a cause of the slow start of the population. All of this create the S-Shaped graph below

Deaths: The Penguins death rate was very low at first due to the competition talked about above but, as their population increased the death rate jumped as well. This happened because of the sudden climate change, killing most of their food resources. This climate change also effected the currents of the water creating a huge Tsunami that washed away most of their habitats and resources. Because of all the deaths, more resources were opened up allowing the population to grow again.

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