Animals I Take Care Of By Brian Vasquez-Deniz

As I sleep a deep slumber, I hear the clucks of my rooster calling me to wake up at 5:30am.

Getting up, I see my pet tortoise on the floor, waking up to grab a snack.

Folding my blankets, I see my cat go and lay down and mess with the stuffed animals as I walk out.

As I go to the living room to get to the backyard, I see my three pet parakeets sitting on their stick staying together.

Walking to the backyard, I see the smile of my husky pal, Hachiko, waiting for me to play with him.

Looking at the outdoor space, I see my sister's dog laying down wanting tummy rubs and some snacks.

Going back inside, I see my Iguana staring at me, judging me as I walk inside.

As the day goes by, night comes making me tired and sleepy, I set my bed and go grab some water. Just as I come back I see a cat in my bed fast asleep and the new day starts again the next morning.

Created By
Brian Vasquez-Deniz