The Amalgamation By eleanor, olivia, vi, anqi and alicia

How did the joining of the two schools create determination and purpose in our school?

The amalgamation of Rose Bay and Kincoppal to create Kincoppal - Rose Bay was a time consuming process. It was agreed that the name Kincoppal would continue to be used but it would combine on the site of Rose Bay.

Many people were aware of the challenges, but only a few people realised just how much work would have to be put into the amalgamation. Sister Nell Hogan, first Provincial Administrator and principal, played a major role in the amalgamation of the two schools. She always provided vision and direction for those around her and the joining of the schools couldn’t have been done without her. After Sister Nell Hogan died, Sister Anne McGrath took over her job. She continued with the work with determination.

There were many problems for those involved with the administration of the school. Several teachers also had to commute between the two school sites that year, 1971, which resulted in a drain of time and energy. Nethertheless, all the staff pushed through the troubles to join the two schools together.

The students at each of the schools were reluctant to join, as the Rose-Bay girls felt their own tradition was threatened by the newcomers (Kincoppal girls) and the Kincoppal students felt like strangers in a new land.

Over time, the girls enjoyed their schooling at Kincoppal - Rose Bay and all became friends. They felt like they belonged at the school, whether they were from Kincoppal or Rose Bay.

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