The purpose of Tattoos Beards Cocktails is a dating application to connect like-minded people, where anyone can join and find individuals who share a similar passion and interest in a Tattoo, Beard or a Cocktail.
We have recognised the evolution of these concepts over the years, each element has established their prominence in modern society, resulting in the perfect symbols for a dating platform to connect like-minded people.

Tattoos have transitioned from subculture to pop culture over the years, from back alleys to high streets.

Whether delicate or provocative, tattoos express creativity and getting inked is increasingly popular.

The beard trend is more prevalent in today's society; there has been a significant shift from the ‘old school’ clean cut look to sporting facial hair in a vast array of styles, shapes and lengths across all age brackets.

A good beard can be perceived as a symbol of virility, courage, strength and masculinity, a growing number of men have beards, and more people want a man with a beard.

Nowadays, going out for cocktails has become a lifestyle trend for some.

The basis of a cocktail is a blend of different flavours, infusions and spices to create a unique taste sensation.

This combination of components reflects the composition of today’s progressive society, the mix of different backgrounds and traditions across the world can only generate an environment in which individuals across all walks of life, cultures and interests are brought together.

We believe your cocktail type reflects your personality and preference of your desired match. Want to find out? Download our app, select your cocktail personality type and find your perfect blend.

Join the world's first online dating platform bringing like-minded tattoo, beard & cocktail loving people together...

A like-mindedness helps build connections. Connections create matches!

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