Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum KATHERINE SARTZ


Scenographer's Mind VIII by Elija-Liisa Ahtilla. Photo by: Katherine Sartz

The Scenographer's Mind VIII by Aija-Liisa Ahtila was a work portrayed thorugh my favorite medium--photography. It is my favoirte medium because photography is so realistic. It simply capture humans, animals, and objects in their most natural and everyday state of being. I love the rawness of photography as it is also one of my hobbies. Seeing this work in person allowed me to appreciate the subject of the photo, a mother caring for her baby. Though this is a an everyday task, it is an interesting photo due to the angle the photographer used to capture the subject in her environments. This work was so striking because it is so realistic and portrays daily life simply as it is without any glamorization. This piece communicated to me that not everything we do in life will be or is glamorous, and that is just how life is. This piece makes me feel better about myself as it represents the daily trials and tribulations we all universally experience as humans.


Mirror Mirror...Portraits of Frida Kahlo Exhibit, Harn Museum, Gainesville, FL. Photo by: Audrey Vaughn

The Frida Kahlo Exhibit at the Harn was my favorite part of the museum because of the bright lighting that lit a plethora of black and white images. I enjoy the clean, modern look of crisp lighting and photos that all seamlessly bind together. The sharp corner of the the room matched with the bright lighting and black and white images creates a clean aesthetic to the exhibit that I greatly appreciated. Born of two immigrants, Frida Khalo grew up in poverty and had few material possessions as a young child. The simple lifestyle she was acquainted with was paralleled in this exhibit with only photographs of Frida displayed. The simplicity of this exhibit was appealing as it characterized the simple lifestyle Frida Kahlo knew. This exhibit made me feel very insignificant as it amazed me that such a great artist came from such humble beginnings.


Frida Kahlo & Carla Agaostini at ABC Hospital with Puppets by Juan Guzman. Photo by: Katherine Sartz

This work appealed to my core value of persistence. As Frida Khalo spent years in the hospital in the later half of her lifetime, she still continued to pursue her passion of creativity and still made art. Here she is putting on puppet shows for other visitors at the hospital. Frida's passion followed her throughout the entire longevity of her lifetime. She never stopped creating, despite the end of her life rapidly approaching. Her doctors put her in a full body cast to combat spinal problems as she was essentially paralyzed. I believe it is critical to push through whatever problem arises and attempts to deter one from achieving their goals. I greatly identify with Frida Khalo in this work in that despite everyone telling her that art was futile and that creativity was not a sustainable method of income, she ventured into an un-ventured path and followed her passion. In the end, she left a legacy that millions know today and will continue to appreciate for years to come. I hope to leave a lasting impact on others during my lifetime as Frida Khalo did.


Gate #2 by Ross Bieckner at the Harn Museum, Gainesville, FL. Photo by: Katherine Sartz

Gate #2 by Ross Bieckner is an optical illusion. Simply looking at is a challenge as at one angle, one sees a tall gate and at another angle, one sees only lines. To me, this optical illusion represents the two perspectives in which we can view adversity. We can view it as defeat or as a path towards progress. The disparity in these perspectives characterizes the type of people we are; either an optimist or pessimist. Challenges and adversity will arise in our lives regardless of what paths we decide to follow, however the perspective in which we approach these problems will be the deciding factor of our success. By choosing to tread the path of life with an optimistic experience, we do not fall to the hardships of life that try to bring us down. Instead, these experiences only culminate and become pieces of the puzzle of our individual good life that we are each attempting to construct. Buy choosing a path of pessimism, the gate stops us on our path towards pursuing our goals. But by choosing a path of optimism, we see only lines and paths that take us along our journey towards the good life. This work makes me want to continue choosing an optimistic perspective to view adversity and in doing so, I think I can overcome the inherent challenges that will arise in the future.

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