About 500 Reasons Why Turnabout is Crumby A Memoir

DISCLAIMER: I don't really have an issue Turnabout, so if you could not make Dron hate my guts that would be very kind of you.

I have no idea why the crumby NHS teachers are making us go to this crumby dance where we have crumby rules. They're making the girls ask the guys. If that isn't the absolute dumbest thing I've heard in my sixteen years, then I've got no idea what is. What am I supposed to do here? Wait until some ugly old broad comes up to me and asks me to go to the dance together? I wouldn't even say yes to any of the girls at my school. They're all so phony and they only care about having a date, not who it is. The only reason I'm actually going to this dance is because I have to if I want to stay in NHS. I'm the type of guy who just stays home whenever there's a school event. I want to get into college, though, so I'm stuck either picking a phony date or going alone. If I was honest - and I don't tell a whole lot of people this - I don't think college is even that great. All these people go to college and then they don't even use their damn degrees. I get it if you're gonna be a lawyer or doctor or something fancy, but I bet you could do most things by learning on the job. It's not just cause I can pull flunked classes out of my ass like a magician, though. I'm being really serious. I'm digressing, though - another class I flunked. Screw you, Vinsons - I should really be talking about that lousy dance. I'd get depressed if I even gave it more words, though. I guess I'll go call Jane.

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