The Smell of Success Because nobody likes the smell of sweat.

I once did a photoshoot, where the model reeked of sweat. It would've been inappropriate to have put a peg on my nose, but I wished I had at least packed my 200mm fixed lens. I wanted to be as far away as I could but still get the shots. (Considering there's a 1.5 crop factor, plus an extra 1.4 boost, I would have used it).

Its never pleasant. The least you could do as a model is take a bath.

Here's a few guidelines as a model (and photographers should initiate to give the same respect).

- pack chewing gum

- if you're a smoker, pack chewing gum - I smoke, so I don't mind cigarette smell, but cigarette breathe pongs like mad. The smell tends to bug a lot of people for no good reason.

- a bottle of cologne / deoderant. Some people are very sensitive to smell - and nice smells, well, smell better. It makes things more pleasant.

- try not to eat foods with strong odours for at least 1-2 days before the time eg onions or garlic. Red meat also comes out as a very acidic, heavy smelling sweat (there's no denying that we all do).

- as a photographer, yes. its important for you to be comfortable. So dress comfy. But there should be a minimum. I understand that its not practical to suit up for a photoshoot on the beach. But for general, look presentable. If you have long hair, style it nice. If you love your beard, trim it (or just shave it.). Closed shoes look neater. If I'm at varsity or in social settings, I wear shorts. But I'm a long pants guy. Jeans are even fine. But I say a collared, button down shirt always looks good. Even on women. My style fits my personality, so I can pull of NEAT shorts, with a long sleeve shirt where the sleeves are rolled up, and a pair of sneakers.

Photographers, dress neat, please. If you're dealing with people, and you dress like a slob, it sometimes gives non-photographers a little of a bad impression. And I'm not saying go out and splurge money. You can dress neat still by going to your local China Mall, and buying no name brand neat clothing for great prices.


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