Story Of My Life Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi father was the hero of our country, the country of Myanmar. When i was two years old he got assassinated only six months before indepencance. I moved back in with my mother to India in 1960. We got appointed by the ambasssador of Delhi. When I got older I traveled to go the the UK to go to college at Oxford University. I studied economics, politics and philosophy.

When I was in the UK I met my husband. I lived there as we raised our two kids together. We moved back to Myanmar when I heard that my mother was in critically condition in 1988. After my mother passed away thousands crowded the streets wanting a democratic reform. I was chosen by the people to lead this reform to go against the dictator. I was very inspired by the non-violent tactics taken by Martin Luther King and Mohandas Ghandi.

In May of 1990 it was time for elections even though I was put under for house arrest. My people still voted for me to be into office and I won. I was kept under house arrest until July of 1995 but i was put back under house arrest due to travel restrictions. Again I was released in 2002 only to be put to jail a year later. During the years in jail i was unable to see anybody even my own husband and my two kids. My last house arrest period ended in November of 2010.

I wanted to fight for independence for my people because the government system was corrupt and not fair. Even though there could be serious concequences for me going against the government i would do anything for my country. Elections were held in April of 2012. I ran and ended uo winning 43 out of the 45 seats in parliment. I had to take an oath and became the leader of Myanmar.

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