The Baldwin Beacon Volume 10, May 29, 2020

A collection of local interest items to help keep you up-to-date and informed. Let's do this - #BaldwinTogether.

Moving in to summer...

The things on people's minds the most these days seem to be:

  • Is the pool opening? When? How? Is it safe?
  • What about summer sports?
  • And summer events? July 4th? Fireworks?

We don't have the answers to everything by any means - all we can tell you is we're aware of the questions and we're working with community partners and organizations to find answers. Here's an interview we did with Matt McClure, director of Baldwin City Recreation Commission. He answered several questions about the pool, summer sports, and summer events. The full plan for reopening the pool is available here. Spoiler: It will be slow, dependent on staffing and safety, and very limited. But this year, we'll take whatever we get.

Live Q & A with Mayor Casey, May 28th

Quick recap:

  • Pool may be reopening in a limited format (note specifics above from Matt McClure)
  • 4th of July - Fireworks are being purchased by the city, but events will be in a very different format. Again, watch for more information coming soon from the Baldwin City Recreation Commission.
  • Playgrounds will have the caution tape removed on June 1st, and you may use at your own risk and with your own best judgment. Please follow all CDC guidelines and use caution.
  • The City and the Rec Commission are working closely to make sure reopening activities, parks, playgrounds, the pool, and summer events happen safely. Thank you for your patience as we take the time to be thoughtful about this process.

Council meeting next Tuesday, June 2nd

This council meeting will be in person, at the library, at 7pm. It won't be "normal," in that in-person attendance will be limited to 15 total per county guidelines and social distancing measures will be observed. We will be live streaming as usual. Public comment can always be emailed to lhartman@baldwincity.gov ahead of time, dropped off at City Hall, or mailed to PO Box 86, Baldwin City, KS 66006.


Brought to you by the Baldwin City Library and the Kansas Room this week! In 1923, Baldwin City Council felt a need to pass an ordinance not merely banning spitting on "sidewalks, floors, etc.," but also making it a misdemeanor punishable by between $2 and $25. In 2020 currency, that's nearly a $375 maximum fine - surely a small price to pay for keeping beautiful Baldwin City saliva free.


On a slightly different note, a special edition newspaper was published in 1970 for the Centennial. Sara DeCaro, archivist and museum curator at Baker's Old Castle Museum, helped us digitize the paper a while back (pre-COVID-19). You can now access that on the city website here.

Commemorative Coins

Speaking of the Sesquicentennial, commemorative coins are available at City Hall for $5 each. Heads or tails - Maple leaf or Parmenter Hall?

In other news...

  • The City has applied for a $300,000 grant to help Baldwin City small businesses.
  • The Library is open¬†for curbside services, and has fairies!
  • Baldwin Volunteer Fire Department will be doing hose testing at Baker Stadium tomorrow, May 30th, beginning at 8am.
  • Lumberyard Arts Center is moving art outdoors this summer, including an Easels in the Park series in Sullivan Square.
  • The Rec is hosting a drive-in movie at Baldwin City High School on June 13th. Go watch the Goonies in retro style! More details at the Rec website.

Finally, a few stormy photos of our town.

Have a great week, Baldwin!