Tour of the HARN By: Nikolas moreno

Nature on Display: My favorite part of the museum was most definitely the butterfly exhibit. Its design was quite interesting, recreating a tropical rain forest right in the middle of Florida? Amazing. The exhibit captured my attention for many reasons. For example, it was really cool to be able to be in Gainesville but also at the same time feel like I was on a tropical island surrounded by beautiful wildlife and plants. As well when you first walk in you are immediately surrounded by beautiful butterflies flying all around. You most definitely don't notice them at first but soon they start to be everywhere! Through the butterfly exhibit I learned that butterflies are much more than just colorful bugs, they're truly beautiful. Being able to transform from a caterpillar into something so great is inspirational. I also learned that there are so many people who dedicate their lives to the well being and education of butterflies. The most enjoyable part was just to be able to admire the pure beauty and peacefulness of the exhibit, despite being colorblind.

Nature and Ethics: Through my stroll at the museum, I started to feel much more educated all the nature that surrounded me inside of the butterfly exhibit. Most of the time we are all much too busy with our lives to truly appreciate the importance of everything around us and the evolution that has occurred over the years. During my tour of the museum I felt at peace in the butterfly exhibit as well as curious about the butterflies. After I left the butterfly exhibit and walked throughout the rest of the museum I started to think about how we are all butterflies. We all transform, and we're all unique. Other people in the museum also seemed to be very interested in the history and the beauty of the butterfly rain forest.

Nature and Human Spirit: The Florida Museum of Natural History allows people to step outside of their regular life. On a daily basis people usually do not have the luxury to experience something like the butterfly rain forest or at least be able to stop and learn about the history of different species just for enjoyment. I think its important to be able to step outside of our daily routine, take a break and do something interesting or enjoyable. This experience helps us to realize the great mysteries of the world we live in making us think about the past and all the changes that have occurred, as well as the beauty in the small things.

All Photos by Nikolas Moreno


Nikolas Moreno

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