Healthy Eating Redefined at Vibe Superfood, Eight Forbestown Road, BGC

During the last four years of my existence as an online foodie, I never really saw myself eating at a legit restaurant in Manila. I wonder if there is such a place (vegans help me out here) but then I recently discovered Vibe Superfood along BGC and somehow it caters to a few vegans out there (but take note that Vibe is not exclusively vegan). It was also the sample place where I instantly changed my thoughts about eating healthy and choosing better food choices for my body.

It's a tough job considering that I am basically a guinea pig for restaurant chefs in Manila and nearby provinces, so I guess it wouldn't be as convincing from my end if you were reading this post. Then again, I can say that I've changed my ways eating ever since I started becoming a food blogger. And thanks to Bea from Vibe Superfood, she gave me a good impression of healthy eating actually is.

So here are some healthy eating myths that I thought you should know :)

"Healthy eating is boring."

When people think of healthy eating, their minds think that they are being deprived of the best things in life, and it's actually boring. But at Vibe Superfoods, they know what exactly your body wants and the effects of eating their food is amazing. 'Superfoods', if you are still clueless, are the kinds of food that contains a large amount of antioxidants and nutrients that are considered healthy choices which can affect your mood in so many good ways. And it's never boring when you know that you're eating what your body needs, right?

At Vibe, it's also never boring to know more about superfoods -- you can simply eat your way through their playful and 'punny' menu that's actually based from pop songs!

Take for example, their FETA CENT SALAD (get it, feta cent?), CAULI MAYBE, FISH YOU WERE HERE and SALMON LIKE YOU. Cool names, right?

It actually used to be called Vibe Café, but their in-house marketing gal Bea mentioned that people would think of a random coffee shop upon hearing the term 'café'. Instead, they cut to the chase and replaced it with Vibe Superfood instead.

"Healthy eating is expensive"

This is actually what I personally think, and buying all these stuff from sources people don't even know about are kinda scary for fastfood-loving, junkfood-for-snack individuals out there. Being at Vibe Superfood makes it super easy to order and at the same time, you are sure that the quality of their ingredients are high without having to buy it in bulk. Not to mention, everything is below Php300 and they intend to keep their prices low so everyone can really try what they are offering.

See their new logo peeking from the door going to the Yoga studios
Beside this cute establishment is also a Yoga Studio called LIFE, and it's actually connected since the food served to yogis comes from Vibe Superfood. However, it's not a requirement that you should be doing Yoga so you can try the food at this joint, as everyone is welcome especially those who are starting to consume healthier choices without the hassles of working up in your own kitchen.
To be honest, I did Yoga once. I downloaded a Yoga app and started doing poses in my bedroom. Didn't work well for me, really. But if I had a view like! I can already start feeling peaceful just by looking at the lush greens outside the studio.
Vibe Superfood is cool because you don't get to eat at a restaurant wherein you need to feel a bit reserved. There's a garden/backyard feel to the place and it feels homey and comforting.
Vibe Superfood serves only high quality superfoods PLUS they make their own dehydrated fruits for snacking.

"Healthy eating? More like eating bland and tasteless leaves."

Oh shush, it's not always about eating only green. I myself won't probably make it through the day only by eating leaves. At Vibe, superfoods like acai, cacao nibs, spirulina and maca are just some of the things that you can find. And they DO have specific flavor profiles that make them great replacements for the richer stuff like chocolate, peanut butter, and actual sugar. And the best thing is that they don't use any preservatives. We are only taking about the REAL stuff here!

So what can I try if it's my first time at Vibe Superfood?

During my visit, we tried the Berry Good Parfait under their JUMPSTART category, and having to eat shotglass full of this already made me full. It was weird. How can something so small make me feel full already?

"I'm so full but I don't feel heavy!"

Berry Good Parfait is Php220 (served in a much bigger glass compared to the one on the photo)

They also serve three kinds of CUPPA GLOW drinks, where each drink has a shot of only the best arabica beans. The colors are achieved by using different types of superfoods, and you can always request the servers if you want to make it vegan.

Yellow Sunshine (with ginger), Pink Me Up (with beets) and Matcha Twenty (with you guessed it - matcha)

The sandwich definitely did not look healthy, as it is stuffed with cheese, but you should know that they use only buffalo mozarella, tomatoes and cheddar. It melts in between two slices of delicious bread and drizzled with honey. And for Php190? This is a real steal.

Oh, and it's called DREAM CHEESERS.
Pesto Mania - Php230

Other tummy fillers available at Vibe Superfood include pasta and rice dishes, like the PESTO MANIA- a malunggay pasta based dish with chicken and malunggay basil pesto; and CURRY ME AWAY - a super duper spicy dish (that I loved so much) made with three kinds of mushrooms and veggie curry, brown rice and a side of cucumber relish.

Curry Me Away - Php260

So for anyone who might say that eating healthy is boring, expensive and tasteless? Let Vibe Superfood change your mind.

And I'm just gonna leave this here is you would like to try Yoga at the LIFE studio as well!

Plus, know more about the Vibe Super Launch next month!

October 13 is the #VibeSuperLaunch, where all our new superfood-infused menu items will be available to the public. Anyone can register their e-mail address at to receive a 10% discount on their first purchase.

Official hashtags for the event:


#VibeSuperFood #EatVibeChooseLife

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