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I expect to learn new features of creating a webpage by using this Adobe Spark other than other web creating websites such as Wix. My personal interest photography, filming and video editing, whereas 2nd interest is creating a website. I hope in the future I am able to ace in all the interest that I listed here.

Assignment 1: E-portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

For this stop motion activity, since everybody uses objects for their video, we decided to use our hands. This is because God gave us hands for a reason. Therefore we shall put our hands in good use! Hahahahaha xD

Group Photo

Exercise 2: Viral Content

Here are 3 types of drugs that bugs your life.

Drugs are the most dangerous things in life and it's one of the last things that you'll touch! It doesn't make you a hero but a zero. So I'm here today to raise awareness about the issues of anti-drug abuse. Here are one of the 3 most deadly drugs that I would be covering here in my blog post.

1. Tacos or Ice, YOU make the choice.

Image source: http://www.ozsticker.com/ozebayimages/925_taco_product.jpg

First of all what is Ice? It's not your typical ice lemon tea or everyday ice kosong (ice water). This kind of ice I'm talking about here is a type of drug that is in a crystalline form of the drug Methamphetamine which is also known as "Crystal Meth". On the National Drug Campaign website it has stated that once you consume it produces an adrenaline kind of feel that makes the heart beat extremely and pupils dilate, causing an increase of aggression of someone when they feel threatened by their surroundings.

Image source: https://img.memecdn.com/rmx-meth-not-even-once-zarbon-edition_c_2403463.jpg

What are the symptoms and after "Meth" of Methamphetamine?

The short-term symptoms of Meth could be seen after smoking or injecting into the body such as restless and agitation, talkativeness, dry mouth, jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Whereas long-term effects are poor concentration, weight loss, chest pain and other kinds of effects. Over doze it and you will experience intensify effects such as blurred vision, irregular breathing and in worse cases collapse. After 1 - 2 days the drug will leave its owners with feelings of exhaustion, depressed, anxiety, decrease in appetite and so on.

Image source: https://img.memecdn.com/meth-not-even-once_o_1038634.jpg

So why taco'bout Ice when you can indulge into a pool of cheesy nachos and tacos? You can still keep your face smooth and beautiful and better yet have something that you can spoil yourself with rather than spoiling with what you have. Taco is love, Taco is life.

2. Herobrine!!!! Oh wait its just Heroin.

Image source: https://www.frontlinerehab.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/heroin-needle.jpg

For you information Herobrine is just a scary character in Minecraft. There is nothing you should be afraid of. What does Herobrine do to you? Oh nothing much, he'll just kill you in the game in an instant and you can re-spawn again anytime. At least your life won't be taken away by this scary guy. What YOU should be afraid of is Heroin. With it's short-term effect it makes your mouth feel dry, have itchy skins, nausea and vomiting, slowed heart rate and many more. When in long term it gives you excoriated skin after scratching, poor appetite, sleeping problems and serious constipation. This nasty little drug will kill you in an instant too and take your life...FOREVER!! Why? because it can. Serious. No joke.

Image source: http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/89/89b9b0e4e8aa2c21f62427c8344b3d4f88445dd05c9dade5dfd4ce9553c8b8bf.jpg

3. I rather go for Koko than Coco

Everybody always says cocaine is the boom. Well it really is, "the bomb". Not only it's bad for you yet it causes your body temperature to rise and it pumps the adrenaline within, making your heart beat very fast. Sometimes it might give you extreme happiness and energy, like sugar rush. So if you want that sugar rush why not take Kokokrunch instead of Cocaine? At least it gives you that chocolaty taste.

Image source: http://rotflpictures.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/cocaine-funny-picture-7541.jpg
PS, it looks like snow ain't it.

So Game over? or Game Overdose?

Either way it is still the same
Image source: http://www.businesspundit.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/GAMEOVER2-600x900.jpg

GG.com when you reach the level of drugs. This shows how deadly this substance can do to you in life. I strongly encourage you all to not touch these bad substances. Remind yourself that you were born for a reason and not to waste life just like that. Don't destroy your loved ones, because once it's broken you can NEVER, EVER fix it back to the way it was. The choice is yours to decide, not the choice decides you.

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Exercise 3: Infographics

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Re-submission Exercise 3: Infographic

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Exercise 4: Mobile App

Description: Persona is an app to provide an easy, accessible online shopping platform for men’s clothing. Its main aim is to

1) Be up to date with the latest trends and fashion styles for men

2) Provide an easy online store for anyone to use

3) To be able to look up celebrity profiles to reference their fashion styles

This app has several features to provide a fresh variety of the fashion scene for men

1. Splash screen
2) Login screen - can be linked with Google accounts, Facebook accounts or signed up with an email account
3) Home page - with easy to locate pathways for the next screen
4) Side bar – For social media sharing and searching
5) Celebrity profiles – Constantly updated with celebrity profiles and photo shoots so that people can study the styles that they adopt, as well as the celebrity’s bio
6) About Us – A little insight about the App and what it does
7) Discover – A feature that tracks your location, and randomly locates different clothing outlets nearby based off your location with a short description
8) Snap – A feature that allows people to snap clothing or accessories that the app does not already carry, so that it can be looked into and potentially added to help further furnish the store with more diversity. Customer satisfaction is top priority.
9) Latest Trends – Latest news and videos on the different fashion styles and clothing.
10) Store – An easy to browse store, housing many categories, each with a description and pricing. A checkout button to the right, so that users can easy add their desired items to their cart, and checkout when they are satisfied with their browsing and purchases. Delivery will be made to their, after contact details and info are filled out.
11) Feedback page – For customers to give their reviews, thoughts and complaints about the app

Assignment 2: Short Video

Ever wanted to go to a Prestigious University for the Performing Arts but can't find a good one? Well PHAKE University is here to fulfill your dreams in obtaining your Perfoming Life with Dance, Art and Music to cater to a student's needs.

Mind Map

Mood Board


Script for the Video

Group Photo: Taylor's Rangers

assignment 3: Chat stickers

The concept of this chat sticker is a Ninja Squirrel. It is the combination of a very simple ninja figure with a cute little squirrel. The inspiration I got from this sticker was through friends and my lecturer. :D

Mood Board

#1 - Angry

Fiery eyes as he is frustrated from his enemies.

#2 - Confused

He is confused by his own thoughts. So he scratches his head.

#3 - Happy

Overjoyed by victory that made him wave his hand.

#4 - Sad

He started to cry as soon as he found out that he lost his loved ones.

#5 - Sleep

Sleeping soundly till there is a water droplet coming out of his nose.

#6 - Work

After countless missions, he tries his Disappearing Jutsu in order to make it easier for him to sneak behind his enemies


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