UNIT 4 VOCABULARY lauren Whitehurst period 5

Red Scare-deportation of several hundred immigrants in 1919 and 1920. Throughout this time many were nervous for their families and lives which effected everyone rapidly as a unit.
Palmer Raids- series of raids conducted by the united states and led by the attorney General A. Mitchell Walker. They didn't want anyone getting carried away with leadership or thinking for their own so these raids made sure that everyone stayed in their line like they were suppose to.
Eugenics- science of improving human population by controlled breeding to request the desirable human characteristics. At times people often had more children so they can grow up work and support their families and just having them with the desirable characteristics was just a plus.
Ku Klux Klan-secret domestic organization, usually in southern states where they believed they white race was superior compared to others. This belief has carried on from generation to generation where the white race was the superior race and they have made sacrifices and or rules to follow this on going group/ organization.
Fundamentalism-form of religion., strict liberal interpretation of scripture. Way back and now the scripture has played a major roles in citizens life and their interpretation of it may be how they see or go about life so its always played a major role and will continue to do so.
Prohibition- act of forbidding something by law. Way back when alcohol was illegal to buy, sell or drink that has been passed but you must be 21 to drink. Overtime laws have changed some have come and go and this is basically how we go about running our world.
SpeakEasy- parties that sell liquor even though it was against the law. Speakeasies were very popular during the period when alcohol is banned and everyone was ready to party.
Flappers- fashionable young woman that had the intent of enjoying herself and breaking the walls of the conventional standards. Many flappers were looked at as women who put themselves out there and not in a positive light often looked and talked about by other women but didn't phase them one bit.
Surrealism-20th century art and literature movement to release the creative potential many possessed. Surrealism was just the beginning of opening the doors of the creative potentials many owned.
Cubism- painting in a single viewpoint one possesses' and didn't use geometric shapes. This is a another way of art many expressed themselves within art and literature and also became popular in the 20th century.
Art Deco- another 20th century way of art which showed precise and bold ways of art with numerous amount of color very appealing to the eye. Art Deco was just the beginning of one of the many forms of art that soon took over.
Les Fauves- fauvism was another form of art that focused on painting realistic views of the world. Fauvism became very famous by many different artists and how they viewed life.
Model T- was an automobile created by Ford and his assembly line. Assembly line was used and worked with so many other advancements within our world in creating other objects used.
Harlem Renaissance- social, cultural, and artistic explosion in Harlem after World War 1. This renaissance was a positive view and act in our world after ww1 so many had something positive to do or look at.
Back To Africa Movement- also known as the Colonization movement originated in the U.S in the 19th century to return to African homelands of their ancestors. Many Africans did what they had to do to survive most of the time being mistreated all they had left was to stand as a unit so they did and traveled as told to avoid issues.
Nativism-policy of protecting interests native born people compared to those of immigrants. Immigrants were the talk of the town most of the time because they were looked at as threats so nativism was thriving to make sure these immigrants couldn't take over or take their chances.
NAACP-National Association For the Advancement of Colored People which worked for the civil rights for colored people in 1909 to fight prejudice, lynching and Jim Crow segregation. Colored people have done their best to avoid issues or being attacked for the color of their skin so they did their best and formed associations to support them.
Jazz- genre of music that originated by African Americans in New Orleans between the 19th and 20th century. Jazz was a genre of music not only the colored loved but what many came to love after flourishing through the world and bringing joy to those at parties or relaxing.
Installment Plan-arrangement for payment of installments. We use this way of paying for a service till this day and it has become very easy and beneficial taking the service.
18th Amendment- prohibition of alcohol in the U.S. After this law was passed so many were trying to discover ways to get what they wanted and started to do it undercover.
19th Amendment- prohibits any citizen to be denied the right to vote. Way back when people of color or women were not allowed to vote now vanished and when this amendment was passed cause so much happiness to those who were once denied this divine right.
21st Amendment- ban on beer was abolished. So many people were joyous and thought this day would never come but it also put many places that were undercover out of business making the purchase of beer really cheap.
National Origins Act- restricted immigration by establishing a system of national quotas. Again and again they tried to abolish immigrants and their power so they wouldn't have to worry about risking anything.
Volstead Act- passed by congress over the president which provided enforcement of the 18th amendment to the U.S. constitution. 18th amendment in every power was trying to be upheld and the action and precautions these used to do so included the Volstead act.
Sacco and Vanzetti- convicted robbers and murders in Massachusetts in the 1920s. Sacco and Vanzetti were robbers and murders who did what they had to d to get the money they needed or their way but soon suffered their consequences.
Scopes Trial- American legal case in 1925 where Scopes a high school teacher was convicted of violating the Butler's Act which made it unlawful to teach other human beings. Scopes was convicted for his so called crime when he was using his freedom of speech to voice his opinions and knowledge.
Teapot Dome Scandal- bribery incident that took place in the U.S. from 1921-1922 during the administration of president Harding. Harding had to face this scandal through the beginning of his presidency which slightly sucked and had to deal with the backlash of all the gossip and opinions.
Al Capone- gangster that terrorized Chicago during the 1920s who was known for providing alcohol during the prohibition era and killed anyone who got in his way. Capone was one of the biggest known gangsters who got away with anything he can think of but finally got arrested for not paying taxes.
Warren G. Harding- 29th president of the U.S. Harding was a good president who did his best to serve during his time but as he I human couldn't do anything perfectly.
Calvin Coolidge- 30th president of the U.S. Republican lawyer from Vermont who slowly but surely worked his was up into the world of politics.
Marcus Garvey- Jamaican political leader, publisher, journalist and etc. Garvey made his way up in politics and did everything he could for his people and their best interest.
Nora Neale Hurston- African American novelist. Published over 50 stories and articles on her views and thoughts.
Langston Hughes- very known poet. Hughes poetry spread widely and rapidly for his known publishing's.
Luis Armstrong- trumpeter. Armstrong brought delight and happiness to the light of music and the genre of jazz where he took the world by storm.
Duke Ellington- composer. Along with Armstrong Ellington took the music industry by storm and has effected us the future tremendously.

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