Poland Jake Konieczka

Palacio Wilanow

Holidays and traditions


On the night of December 24, Christmas Eve, people hold vigil to honor the shepherds who were by Christ when he was born. This was established during the Winter Solstice. We leave food and drinks out for people, much like we do for Santa for Christmas.

A setup of where people put food and beverages

Kolaczki Day

Each year my family has a "Kolaczki Day." On this day, our whole family makes kolaczkis, which are cookies that are filled with fruit and cheese. We do this because of my great grandparents. When they lived in Poland, every year they gathered as a family and did the same thing. When they immigrated, my grandmother followed the tradition. Now it is adopted by my mom.

Casimir Pulaski Day

March 5th



A polish diet mostly consists of meat and grains, pork being the most favorable meat. The other most common meats include polish hams and sausages. In Poland, over 90 types of sausages are made. One of my family's favorite dishes in polish sausages and sauerkraut.


Poland is thought to be settled in around the 5th century. During the time of settlement, the Polish were converted to Christians and were also united against Germany. After the conversion, Casmir The Great became leader of Poland and brought them a prosperous economy. The country kept this prosperity until around WWII. They were held by this Germans but then in the mid 1940s, the Soviets helped push out the Germans. After that, Poland began to become more modern. In 1989, power of the government was given back to the church and government loosened restrictions.

Casmir The Great

Important People

Casimir Pulaski

Casimir Pulaski is one of the most famous soldiers in polish military history. He aided the Polish Liberty against Russia. Later in 1777, he traveled to Philadelphia where he aided General Washington at Brandywine. He became one the most intelligent military tacticians.

General Casimir Pulaski


Poland is known for many different beautiful pieces of art including paintings, sculptures, plays, music, etc. At the end of the Gothic Era, literature began to present its self. Some of these pieces are Kronika wszystkiego swiata (Chronicle of the Whole World), and Raj duszny (Paradise of the Soul). Poetry, playwrights, and music began appearing more readily in the 19th century. The most famous works of art in Poland are the multiple Churches. These churches are known landmarks like the Gniezno Cathedral, The Cloister Church, Pelplin Cathedral, Wawel Cathedral and many more.

The Cloister Church



Both of my great-grandparent migrated from Poland to Chicago in the late 1910s. They both moved to the US for better jobs and, hopefully, more economic prosperity. When my father's grandparents got here, his grandfather worked in a factory in Chicago. His grandmother worked as a office assistant. My mothers grandparents moved here shortly after. Her grandfather was a construction worker in Chicago and her grandmother stayed at home with my grandma and her siblings.

Family Today

Today my family doesn't follow our culture very seriously. My grandparents only follow certain parts of our culture today. Although we follow some traditions, I would still like to get closer to my culture and become a bigger part of my heritage

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