A Year in Review 2020 Annual Review


iF Charity supports Palestinians in the Gaza Strip through a variety of relief and development programmes. We work to address the worsening humanitarian crisis in the coastal enclave and our aim is to empower the people of Gaza in their efforts to build strong and resilient communities. Read on to find out how iF Charity made a difference in 2020!


Health services in the besieged Gaza Strip have been at breaking point for years. For over a decade, the health sector has faced zero stock levels of vital medicines, a lack of medical staff and equipment and the bombardment of health facilities. As Covid-19 cases continue to rise across the coastal enclave, the people of Gaza are now more vulnerable than ever. Throughout the pandemic, our teams have provided food and financial aid as well as over 2,700 hygiene kits to families affected by the crisis.


Yehia, from Bureij refugee camp in Gaza, was born with kidney disease and undergoes haemodialysis four times a week. The ongoing siege and Covid-19 Crisis in Gaza have left his mother and father out of work, and they can barely cover the costs of treatment. Yehia's mother told us;

I collect Yehia's medication from a nearby pharmacy and pay for it when we receive aid; making sure he has his medication is more important than food and water for my myself and my husband.

To save the family's transport costs, iF Charity's bus service collects Yehia and his mother four times a week, taking them to the hospital and back for treatment. Yehia's mother tells us;

The Outreach Bus Service is a huge help, especially during current Covid-19 restrictions. May Allah protect us all from this pandemic!


A 2020 Snapshot


The people of Gaza are facing a devastating humanitarian crisis. Years of siege have left families struggling with worsening poverty and a deterioration of essential services, including healthcare, water and sanitation. As the coronavirus outbreak spreads across the Gaza Strip, these vital services are being pushed further to the brink of collapse, putting some of the most vulnerable lives at risk. In 2020, iF Charity helped to provide urgent relief to families during Ramadan, Eid Al-Adha and during the winter season. We provided cash aid for families to meet basic needs, hygiene kits, food vouchers, food parcels and entertainment for children.

Khaled's dreams

Khaled lives with his mother and siblings in Gaza's Khan Younis refugee camp. iF Charity provided Khaled with gifts for Eid al-Fitr and his family with food supplies and cash aid for the month of Ramadan. When asked about his dreams for the future, he told us;

My dream is to one day become a doctor. I want to be able to help my people and this will be the best way. I have to keep studying hard. Thank you to iF Charity for all you do for my family. And thank you for my Eid gifts!


A 2020 Snapshot


The health system in Gaza has been severely impacted by more than a decade of blockade and repeated conflict. Shortages of medical equipment and medications are frequent. Many hospitals run on generators, leaving those on life saving machines more vulnerable and delaying treatment. Due to the siege, many parts and vital equipment are not available and often takes months to arrive via the Israel authorities.

With poor resources and limited capacity, Gaza’s health ministry has now warned that the coastal enclave is on the edge of disaster amidst the fight against the pandemic.

Our Medical Aid projects focus on addressing the health status and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable people in Gaza, including the elderly, people with disabilities and children. The support we provided in 2020 includes the provision of medicines, medical disposables, hygiene supplies and financial aid.


Gaza's health sector is at breaking point and the lives of patients are under threat.

With a lack of medical supplies, hospitals must use outdated equipment and surgical tools. Almost half of Gaza’s medical equipment needs replacing, with hospitals and health clinics waiting months for spare parts.

iF Charity continues to provide hospitals and health clinics with medical equipment and supplies, benefiting thousands of patients every year.


A 2020 Snapshot


Children and young adults in the Gaza Strip continue to face daily barriers to education.

14 years of siege and frequent military assaults have devastated the lives of Gaza's young people. Poverty rates continue to rise leaving the basic costs of education unaffordable for many. During one of the most deadly assaults on Gaza in 2014, students once again found their schools became shelters, leaving an estimated 200 schools damaged and a further 29 destroyed.

iF Charity's Back to School programme provides stationery, school bags and uniforms to disadvantaged students in schools across the Gaza Strip. We also cover educational fees for university and school students, help to equip universities and support schools as they try to create a safe learning environment for their students. Every child has the right to a quality education. With iF charity, your support has enabled Palestinian children to work towards their dreams for a better future.


One day I dream of leaving Gaza. I want to see the world and visit the places I have learnt about. I know I will have to work hard to do this and I will continue to focus on my studies and make my mother proud. I am doing well in school; I love literature, I love to read and I enjoy writing stories. Life is hard in Gaza, but I have my family and I have my friends. I want to thank iF Charity's donors for helping me to achieve my dreams.


Sponsoring a child in Gaza is one of the most effective ways you can ensure that Palestinian children have long-term financial security, providing them with the opportunity to go to school, receive medical treatment and participate in recreational events with their friends and family.

Palestinian children in Gaza want to experience a normal childhood, achieve an education and live a life free from poverty and insecurity. iF Charity’s One-to-One Sponsorship programme is at the heart of our relief work, giving younger generations in Gaza an ongoing and vital lifeline despite the debilitating siege they are facing.

In 2020, iF Charity regularly supported 4,400 sponsored children and their families.


A 2020 Snapshot


We'd like to thank all of our generous donors for continuing to support the people of Gaza.

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