Phosphorus payton Bertram

Element Symbol - p

Element Name- Phosphorus

Atomic Number- 15

Number of Protons- 17

Number of Neutrons- 17

Number of Electrons- 15

Atomic Mass- 30.973761

Solid. non-metal.

hennig Brand discovered it in Germany in 1966.

White phosphorus is used in flares and incendiary devices. red phosphorus is the material on the side of matchboxes and used in safety matches.

physical properties- typical phosphorus is a waxy white. Pure Phosphorus is colorless. red phosphorus is used in matches.

Chemical properties- white phosphorus combines with oxygen so easily it catches fire automatically, it is stored underwater in chemical labs. Phosphorus also combines with metals to form compounds known as phosphides.

Unusual Facts

  • It is used in detergents, pesticides, and has other household uses.
  • Sometimes referred to as the "Devils Element, because it was the 13th element discovered and because of its explosive properties.
  • Some allotropes of phosphorus are violet phosphorus & black phosphorus.
  • Phosphorus is essential for the life of organisms.


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