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Claim: Illegal immigration is a very touchy and controversial topic. Many people believe that America should be a safe haven and accept all immigrants. However, this brings up a problem within America, soon overpopulation, food shortages, over pollution and many others (Johansen). People should care about this topic because it's become a major issue within our society. We've made it so easy to cross the border illegally that nobody has the incentive to cross legally. Plus over 97% of illegal immigrants live off of welfare(Johansen) free healthcare and many other financial aids when there are US veterans sitting on our streets homeless and hungry, our veterans should be helped before any illegal immigrants! The US needs to crack down on illegal immigration and provide for the brave women and women that served our country before worrying about illegal immigrants, here is why implementing military force to the border will help.

Body 1: Now that president trump is president he is cracking down on illegal immigration, we could implement military presence at the border and all the money that would be spent is on gas and employment (which the patrols we have now aren't doing much anyways). The border as it is at the moment is unsecure and enforcement is mild and not doing a lot as far as border control goes. Think about it like this, if you can easily jump a fence and be able to make better money and get multiple financial aids you would jump that fence as soon as you could(Johansen), but now say that fence has 50+ men behind it with machine guns waiting for you, you would not cross. The point is that we've made it so easy to cross illegally that we've taken away incentive to cross legally. Everyone understands that most families that do are looking for better lives, and America has dubbed itself for helping people in need (which it should) but it is not acceptable when that border is crossed illegally and then that individual expects the same rights and say as a citizen in a society that they are illegally a part of.

Infantryman and women make their shots count
Humvees are the vehicle of choice for the US military

Body 2: Family separation is a big problem with modern day illegal immigration. Say a woman and a man cross the border illegally, they get here and decide that they want to have a baby. Next thing you know they have a beautiful and healthy little girl, something happens and they get deported. Well when a child is born in America they are automatically an American citizen, so a child is born and they are legal but the parents still are illegal immigrants. This arises a problem, most people would say that if the parents got caught since they have a legal child here they should be able to stay (Johansen). Fact of the matter is that they knew that when they came here illegally they knew that they took a risk of getting caught and deported. If this problem occurs they can either take the child with them when deported, or they will have to leave the child in foster care and return to country of Origin without the child.

About 295000 kids were born in America to illegal parents in 2016

Body 3: Now many people might say “enforcing military presence on the border would just cost us money.”. The reality of it is, there are roughly over 2.5 million homeless or unemployed veterans in the United States(Schatz)! Men and women that went to fight for this country and for our freedom are sitting on the streets, these brave men and women would take the job to defend the border in a heartbeat. This would give them work, maybe housing and something that makes them feel appreciated. As for weaponry and gear, we have army surplus from almost every war the US has fought, if we used that probably the only money being spent is MAYBE ammo if there is no surplus and gas and labor which is already what is being payed for (Schatz). These men and women are all combat and weapon trained and know how to make shots count, this takes away a lot of ammo funding.

The US has over 13 million rounds of 30-06 from WW2-Vietnam War
Most US military are combat trained

Illegal immigration should be more strict and implement military to enforce it. We're wasting too much money and time as of right now and have millions of homeless and hungry veterans on our streets, and that would take that job and perform efficientlyLovegrove, Jamie. “Homeland Security Secretary Directs Agents to Ramp up Illegal Immigration (Lovegrove). Get involved, this is your home. Get on board and crack down on illegal immigration and focus on helping homeless veterans in the US.

It can take up to fourteen years to receive help from the VA
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