Digital One-Pager The Great Gatsby, ch.1-5


Your assignment is to create a Digital One-Pager for on Chapter 1-5 of The Great Gatsby. A Digital One-Pager way to respond to a text; it represents your own written and graphic representation of what you have read.

example by Ms. T

Your Digital One Pager should graphically represent your interpretation of one of the literary devices we've been focusing on: characterization, setting, or symbolism. It will include a quote from the book along with an image. Don't forget to include the title and who the quote is referring to if it is about a character. .


We will use two different programs for this assignment: 1. Adobe Spark to create your One-Pager 2. Padlet to publish and "turn in" your assignment

Once you've created your Digital One-Pager, you will share your creation using Padlet along with a personal response.

Let's get started...

  1. Go to Adobe Spark and either sign up or sign in. If signing up, consider using your school email address, as to not bog down your personal email with school business.

2. Create a new Post, with any graphic size of your choice.

3. Choose a quote from chapter 1-5 of The Great Gatsby to base your One-Pager around. Your quote should highlight an element of a character, setting, or symbol - AND should be something that "stands out to you" or "sticks with you." Make sure to add the title of the book and the chapter the quote is from.

4. Play around with the background and design. Find a graphic or photo to highlight your quote. When you are ready to publish your creation, click Share and get a Shareable Public Link.

5. Go to either the Period 1 Padlet Page, Page 2 Padlet PagePeriod 5 Padlet Page or the Period 6 Padlet Page and create a new post. Drop in your link, add your personal response. CLICK HERE: Padlet info for a tutorial for getting a link and publishing your creation to the Padlet page.

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