Canbury School Newsletter 5th March 2021. Issue 230

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

Well here we go again. I cannot tell you how excited I am that we will be re-opening our doors on Monday to welcome you all back. I'm almost as excited as I was emotional earlier today at assembly when my Sixth Form reduced me to a quivering snivelling wreck as they named me as one of their lockdown hero(ines). What are they like?! But the truth is YOU are ALL lockdown heroes and heroines - families, students and staff.

We have once again astounded ourselves with our resolute resilience, our amazing tenacity and our sheer belief that we CAN do this and we WILL be absolutely fine. My thanks to those staff who have been able to come into the building during this lockdown and my special thanks to Mrs Davies and Mrs Griffiths who have had the tricky and full-on task of sorting our testing for everyone ahead of Operation Open Canbury on Monday.

I won't repeat all the covid information you have been bombarded with this week. But please do check your emails this weekend and go over with your child anything you think they may need reminding of, such as maintaining social distancing, hand-washing, mask wearing, change of rooms etc. Bring it on, we are ready.

A reminder that letters were sent home to Year 8,9 and 10 re HPV vaccinations on 23 March. Please do ensure your consent form is returned to school next week.

Well done to Year 11 for completing their second round of mock GCSE examinations. They were superbly behaved in and out of the examination rooms. Pizza for all of them on Friday. Also Pizza on Friday too for our fabulous Invigilating Team led by Examinations Officer Mr Bourgi - thank you all.

Finally, I did enjoy our celebration of World Book Day on Thursday. Here's Orlanda at the top of the Newsletter, dressed as "the other mother" from Neil Gaiman's dark novel 'Coraline'. Further down Mrs Rich has put together a wonderful short clip of all the costumes, do take a look.

All that remains for me to say, finally, is see you Monday at 8.15am. I simply cannot wait.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Year 7

Reenie for getting 100 points on IXL Mathematics without getting any wrong and on time. Well done!

All year 7s for a great lesson working with Pixlr planning their colour schemes for their Arabesque art project. Well done, they are looking great. (Collage of work from Reenie, Brendan and William below.)

All students for excellent discussion and participation in the therapy group with Ms Chorazyczewska. Well done, it was one of the best sessions we have had.

All students for excellent effort creating their family tree in Spanish. In addition, particular mention to Alexander (Alejandro) and William for achieving full marks in their assessment. Estupendo!

Matthew and William for excellent performances in the history test on the Norman Conquest.

Year 8

All year 8s for a super art lesson, lots of fantastic ideas and good understanding of surrealist artwork. Special shout out to Angus for his amazing snake drawing and to Freddie for impressive photoshop skills.

We had a lovely Spanish lesson inviting each other to go out and arranging when and where to meet (not long to wait now!). Excellent effort from Layla, Karim and Thomas (Manuel). In addition, well done to Evia, Ollie (Raul), Thomas (Manuel) and Karim for brilliant achievement in their end-of-module Spanish assessment.

Students had a great wellbeing session with Ms Chorazyczewska. Well done to Evie for leading the online scavenger hunt and congratulations to Chloe who won!

Year 9

Excellent achievement from Zac, Ross, Orlanda and Adam in their end of module Spanish assessment

Year 10

Well done to Phoebe on creating a fantastic drawing in response to the artist Alfred Basha.

Lucas for showing great perseverance and developing new digital editing skills.

Year 11

All year 11s for fantastic progress with their GCSE Art coursework, it was so great to spend time in the classroom with you all and to be able to get the equipment and materials out.

Armani - she has been really amazing in dealing with the challenges of “on-line mocks” . Extraordinary IT skills also helped her to problem solve, answering questions that needed graphs and diagrams.

Harry B for his fantastic focus and interesting conversation about music in 1:1 session.

House News

World Book Day was celebrated in style yesterday - and considering most of us did so from home, it was all the more of a sterling effort. A huge well done to all staff and students who got involved. I been told there were some excellent discussions and activities in form time around your favourite books and characters, writes Mrs Rich. it was wonderful to see everyone's costumes either in photo or on screen. Pop over to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eos6eefxEQo to see for yourself. Please note, you will only be able to access this link through your daughter or son's school account.

Special thanks to Charity Prefect Otti who did so much to make this such a great celebration of all things bookish. Finally a reminder that if you would like to make a donation to the charitable world of World Book Day please go to https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/WorldBookDaySchoolsFundraising

House News

Our next House Event takes place on Tuesday in school! Make your way to the art room at 1pm, and pair up with a partner. One person will draw on your back (on paper) and then you have to replicate the drawing yourself. The results promise to be hilarious. And don't forget - it's all for the glory of your House.

What will YOU draw?

Coolest projects - read on for an exciting challenge over the Easter Holidays.

Calling all technology-savvy youngsters - that's you! Coolest Projects online is the world’s leading technology showcase for young people. If you enjoy making things with technology, Coolest Projects online is an amazing opportunity to get creative, have fun, and celebrate what you have made.

Your technological creation will be showcased in the Coolest Projects online gallery, for people all over the world to see. Coolest Projects online is free, it is open to anyone up to the age of 18, and you can join in wherever you are in the world. For more information, head over to https://online.coolestprojects.org/take-part