Preface and Introduction: This chapter is about realizing that we all live in the paradox of precariousness. The organization was built to help make concrete help for people living in poor conditions and poverty, such as people who go to jail, and need help living in the image of God. Homeboy industries helps gang memeber get off the streets with the help of Fr. Greg Boyle.
Chapter 1: God I Guess 1. This is a chapter about God, hence the name "God I guess". A key point in this chapter is marinating in the intimacy of God. This is saying that God loves us all and we should all let that soak in. The homeboys and homegirls often question their faith because of everything they have been through. My favorite story in this chapter is when Cesar ask the man, "Do I know you?" I just think it's funny how he ask that man those questions to his face.
Chapter 2: Dis-Grace 2. The moral of this chapter is meaning of being recognized and being called by your name. My favorite story of this chapter is when speedy says "I bought her ass roses" instead of taking his wife out for her birthday. I like this because not to many husbands would do that to their wife on their birthday.
Chapter 3: Compassion 3. The moral of this story is to not just feel the pain of others it's about bringing them in toward yourself. My favorite story of this chapter is when Betito brings home a girl who is 16 when he is only 12 and calls her his lady. This just shows his sense of humor.
Chapter 4: Water, Oil, Flame 4. This chapter is all about being the fix of love, and being the light of the world. My favorite story if Georges story because instead of being mad at the person who killed his brother, he just cried in pure grief.
Chapter 5: Slow Work. 5. A theme for this chapter is that love never fails, it will just take some time. Favorite story: When Joey gets the job at the chuckEcheese mascot.
Chapter 6: Jurisdiction 6. My favorite story is when Travieso and Clever first meet, they won't even shake hands, but when travieso gets beat up by another gang, clever ask if he can donate blood which shows It brings homeboys and girls together as one. The moral of this chapter is bringing all of the homeboys and girls together as one.
Chapter 7: Gladness 7. Favorite Story: The fact that spider watches his children and wife eat before he eats. This is just odd to me, but it is a funny story. This story talks about many vatos and and their life, and what brings joy to their life.
Chapter 8: Success 8. My favorite story is the Soledad story. I like this story because it shows that she didn't want the boy's mom that shot her sons to go through the same thing she went through. And the boy ended up Alive. This chapter is all about faith, if you aren't faithful, you can't be successful.
Chapter 9: Kinship. 9. Favorite story: When all of the homeboys and girls found out Father. Greg Boyle had Leukemia, they all gave back to him, and started taking care of him. This chapter is all about building blood relationships.

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