Too cute to spook

It’s almost that time of year again! Kids (and pets) everywhere are getting ready for the fall season, and kicking it off with Halloween! Here is a cute and fun collection of some of the cutest pets in town.

Flower Power

Henry the Golden is dressed in a festive flower costume for his first Halloween! He is ready to “grow” out and trick-or-treat!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls

Jake the fluffy puppy is celebrating his Halloween in a ringmaster’s costume. He will protect any lions or clowns from stealing your candy!

There's a snake in my boot

Si the german shepherd is dressed out in his western attire this Halloween. He is willing to duel anybody who tries to steal his candy bag.

The bee's knees

Congo the buzzy bee can be found flying around his garden hunting for treats this Halloween. He may be cute, but be sure to avoid his stinger. Ouch!

Hark the bark

Annabelle the corgi/Australian shepherd mix has been practicing her harp skills all year. She can finally put them to the test in her Angel costume.