The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt Luke mollod

The Spatial Experience

Constans Theatre

The theatre displayed an elegant collection of art, which intrigued my interest right when I entered. My seat location was in the center, so I felt very focused and involved with the play. Once the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I felt a sense of peace. Everyone in the theatre together enjoying a riveting play was a great atmosphere to participate in. The height of the auditorium allowed for the actors/actresses voices to be heard clearly. Being able to view a play with a group of intellectuals is the Good Life, creating an environment of mental stimulation.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with my friend Alex. Having a friend to watch the play with me increased my sense of comfort among the sea of strangers in the audience. Shared experiences create friendships and ever lasting bonds.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

I had little knowledge of the early 1900's coming into the play. The untold truths of the past come to light. It opens your eyes to the corruption that occurred over a century ago. The play made me more humble in life and appreciate all the freedoms I have as a modern day American.

The Emotional Experience

The play provides us an opportunity for katharsis due to its controversial plot. The injustice of the sweatshop is terrible, and no one should experience such grieving pain. The "coming clean" process occurs when one realizes the inhumane tendencies and reflects. Ignorance is exposed and real world problems come into mind. Coming clean can relate to a person's empathy towards the play.

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